Learning to Survive Multiples Part 1

Twin support for you and your family!

Things are better in twos... right? Congratulations! You're expecting two babies to arrive in just a few months. As this information sinks in, planned or unplanned, you wonder, imagine, and think about all the sets of two that you will need. How will you sleep? Will you even get to sleep? Pregnancy and postpartum are already big adjustments for families, and adding a second (or more) baby into the mix does often make that transition a little more challenging.

So, as you navigate your news, here are some tips that can help you prepare for two babies.

  • Take each moment as it comes. Are you laid back about this news and just wondering when you can get all the fun matching outfits? Waiting to find out if you'll be excepting boys or girls or one of each! There are so many fun things to get and prepare for the new little ones set to arrive in a short while. Let yourself do the fun things as well as the necessary things. If you focus too much on eating enough, sleeping enough, all of your appointments, your provider, the delivery and so on, you can easily become overwhelmed.
  • For those of you who will spend a lot of your time researching everything to do with twins, be careful of Google. "What to expect when you are expecting twins, triplets, or quads" is a fantastic resource with details about nutrition that meets your needs and what to expect with different scenarios. If it helps you to feel at ease and prepared about everything to come and more, look no further. A postpartum Doula, experienced in multiples, can be there to help you set up systems and navigate the unexpected moments that come with twins. Your postpartum doula can also help you get sleep and learn to feed two babies at once!
  • For the mom who knows now that you want the twins on a schedule and want to be able to get things done around the house or in the office after the arrival of the babies, your postpartum doula can do just that. Imagine having an expert resource with you several times a week during the day or night to help you accomplish the goals you have set for you and your babies. She can also put your mind at ease that your babies are in excellent hands and you will not have an overload of information and opinions that you have not asked for.
  • For the mother who is the care giver and you're wondering how you will take care of two babies, yourself and everyone else, your postpartum doula will be like family to you. She will be there to take care of the twins so you can be sure things get done how you would like, or she can take care of the little things around the house so that you can rest, recovery and care for the twins. Postpartum is a time to mother the mother.

Twins can be easy, challenging, or a mix of something in-between. Your first few weeks might be easy, with the rest being difficult, you cannot predict what you will get. However, you can predict expert care for your transition. You can predict that you will be supported. You can predict that you will be listened to and validated. You can predict someone will be there to help your family navigate expected and unexpected situations. You can predict that someone will be there to help you accomplish your goals, feel confident, and prepared.