Leesburg Pregnancy Care Providers

Leesburg families have some fantastic options for prenatal care, but how do they pick one?

Women are often very particular about who they choose to care for them during pregnancy and childbirth. With so many options and opinions floating around where to begin?

Do you stick with your regular care OB? Do you switch providers? Are their Midwives who deliver in the hospital? Are their Midwives who deliver out of the hospital in my area?

Where do you start when looking for a provider?

Figuring out where to start comes down to a few questions. What is most important to you? A female provider? A solo provider or group? Midwives or Obstetricians? Some women want to feel in control of their care and be involved as much as possible during your pregnancy and delivery. Some women want to feel involved and close to their provider. Some women want to feel very comfortable and familiar with their provider. Some women want a highly reviewed provider with extensive experience. Whatever is most important to you, there is a perfect fit for you and your pregnancy.

Interviewing a potential provider

Many women find it helpful to interview a few providers before settling on the one that they feel will work best for their care. Taking some time to sit down with the provider who will help you bring your baby into the world can help you feel at ease with your decision. Take time to ask them questions that are important to you. Can I/my partner catch my baby? How soon can I get my epidural? Do you allow water births? Do you enjoy working with Doulas? And so on.

Provider options in Leesburg

Leesburg has many wonderful birthing options! However, you can travel to different areas of Northern Virginia to have your baby should you decide Leesburg doesn't have what you are looking for.

Virginia is for Doulas, has favorites one of them being the Midwives at Loudoun Community Midwives! You can comfortably deliver at INOVA  Hospital's Birthing Inn or the at StoneSprings with the LCM midwives. The appeal: Hospital privileges, insurance coverage, woman centered care

Looking for a solo provider? We also enjoy Dr. Neil Foster! He is a solo Obstetrician provider enabling you to know exactly who will be your provider and build a relationship with your provider throughout your pregnancy.

Our team loves working with the providers at Loudoun OBGYN & Midwives!

Additional options in Leesburg who we have worked with a few times are Loudoun Physicians for Women (now Capitol Women's Care). And Lansdwon OB/GYN  with a two team OB practice, which is appealing to women who want a smaller team of Obstetricians for their prenatal care.

Alternative options for prenatal care

 Are you looking for an alternative option to delivery in the hospital? There are birth centers in Northern Virginia as well as the home birth midwife option. NOVA Natural Birth Center is a breathtaking several room birth center located in Chantilly, Virginia. It offers a location close to the hospital, but also the amazingness of midwifery care with several options for delivery including water birth. The team at Premier Birth Center - Chantilly  is fabulous and focused on you and also conveniently located in Northern Virginia. If you're willing to travel, Winchester offers Premier Birth Center as well.