Let's Talk About Dads, Partners, and Doulas

You are so excited to be growing your family, now you want to add a Doula


As you plan all of the exciting and serious moments of your pregnancy, welcoming your baby, and who better to support you through those moments than an expert: a Doula.

Your Doula is an addition to your team, they don't replace your partner or family, they add to the care you are receiving. While it is true, family can be of great assistance during delivery, having a trained, experienced expert who knows the ins and outs of your birthing facility and labor (birth Doula) or what it is like to bring a newborn home, adjust, learn to sleep, find a schedule and more (postpartum Doula). Today we want to focus on Birth Doulas supporting the birthing mother and the partner.

Many partners want to know why they would consider a doula when they will be at the birth?

Is my support not enough? I don't need someone else coming in to do my job. I know what Im doing. I can support my partner through contractions just fine. These are all normal thoughts from partners, but here is what sets Doulas apart and how they bring an addition to your team. Partners are fabulous, they support you through tough moments, this family is yours. Doulas add to that by brining in hours of training in supporting families through unknowns, exciting moments, stressful moments, hip squeezes, vomiting, hot and cold flashes, crying, noises, pushing and welcoming your baby. They help you navigate those moments that can be challenging while also allowing you to relax enough to actually enjoy the fact that your baby is about to be born.

So Doulas do not push partners out of the way?

No, at Virginia is for Doulas our team is an addition to you and your partner and your care provider. Your Nurses and Providers focus on a healthy mom and baby. Partners focus on emotional connection to you and your baby and a support that no one can replace. Doulas focus on emotional, physical and educational support as you get through moments that are new to you, unexpected, exciting, and times that things change and you do not know what to do to get through them. Our doulas work cohesively with your provider to open up communication and help you find answers, and make decisions in pregnancy and during delivery.

Doulas are just as much for partners as they are for the mothers

Partners need support too. This pregnancy and birth is new to your partner as much as it is to you as you give birth. They can use emotional support, guidance on hip squeezes, back massages and verbalizing. Most importantly your Doula can help your partner keep you active to promote labor, baby movement and keep you comfortable until you're ready for your epidural, to skip the epidural, or push. Doulas support partners and birthing women and that helps you have an amazing experience.