Let's Talk About Placenta Encapsulation

Okay, so someone mentioned Placenta Encapsulation to you one day and your initial thought was what? Did you think it was something worth exploring for your upcoming/next birth? Did you think it was disgusting and you would never consider doing that? Or are you willing to hear about it before making a definite decision. Hear me out. Basically the placenta is a woman made, organic, perfect for you support for your postpartum recovery. It is can be a helpful solution to postpartum recovery and here is what you might expect from placenta encapsulation.

While the FDA has not approved placenta encapsulation and there are no big studies out showing the scientific benefits of placenta encapsulation, there are many anecdotal benefits which women have been experiencing for decades.

Because the placenta has certain hormones, vitamins and minerals that are important to women who are recovering postpartum from birth, we can see how it is beneficial for some women. The placenta contains iron, B6, estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. If you are resupplying your body with exactly what it needs in a perfect combination for you, placenta encapsulation can be an added benefit to your recovery.

Boosting energy. Boosting milk supply. Boosting your mood. Reducing your bleeding. Helping you feel more stable as you transition into motherhood. These are some of the benefits different mothers have experienced with Placenta Encapsulation. The support you will receive from your placenta specialist who encapsulates your placenta will help you feel ready and prepared. These feelings and support are valuable beyond words.