Let's Talk About the Four Month Sleep Regression

The Four Month Sleep Regression…

We have all heard our mom friends talk about it.


Parenting seems to go something like this… your baby starts to become familiar to you, you develop a system and then suddenly it’s not applicable anymore and you have to figure what your baby’s new schedule will be.

So, back to the the four month sleep regression.

Finally, you hit that point in your infants life where they are finally sleeping 4-6 hour stretches, still not enough, but so much better than those earlier months which involved wake ups every 1-2 hours. Now you are blissfully enjoying sleep and then out of nowhere we are suddenly skipping naps, shortening naps, and waking more at night.

“I know my baby can sleep better than this!”

We hear you! We understand your frustration over the lack of sleep and honestly, you realize your baby could use more sleep too.

So what can you do about this four month sleep regression?

Well, first we would like to mention that for some babies, depending on their gestational age at birth, their personal development and other factors, hit this mark around three months, so really it is the three to four month sleep regression. A lot of this has to do with how much is going on in your baby’s life! The world is brand new every day, new discoveries, new milestones, new people, new places, new toys, the list goes on and so does the stimulation!

They are learning to roll over and so sleep changes, they learn to crawl sometimes or sit up more, there is so much going on that it is almost the fear of missing out and overstimulation that disrupts them and their previous patterns. They eventually adjust back to longer stretches, but unfortunately, most babies stay in the habit and do not go back to sleeping better until 12 months or more! Yeah, you read that right!

Making the transition better when your baby is ready to sleep well again.

When your baby has achieved their milestones, their tooth has come in, or you are just ready for them to sleep better and they are also ready, set some systems into place to get back on track. Figure out what will work best for you and your baby and stick to it! Some families prefer to bring in our Certified Sleep Training Coach to help them get this process done in a matter of days vs weeks or months and we are here to help if that is what you are looking for! You can do this and so can your baby!

Sweet Dreams!