Letting the Epidural Guilt Go

Whether or not it was your plan going in to childbirth or a decision you made in the moment, most women have an epidermal during labor. This is your birth and when you decide what you need, you should have it.

The guilt and shame surrounding getting an epidural in childbirth arrises because some women feel " less than" for getting an epidural. But the epidural has a benefits. During a long labor or induction, or a labor where you are so exhausted your progression has slowed an epidural will help you relax and often speeds things up quickly. Yes, there are risks to an epidural, but there are risks and benefits to every procedure or intervention.

Often when I tell women I am a Doula they mention that they wanted a doula, but they wanted an epidural for their birth, or they did not think they could do it without an epidural. Myth: Doulas are not or do not support medicated births. Truth: The entire team at Virginia is for Doulas supports your birth, your way. Home birth, hospital birth, medicated, unmedicated, water birth, induction and everything in-between.

Sometimes plans change and while you might have hired a doula for your birth so that you did not request an epidural, you made the right choice for yourself. You did not fail, you gave birth to a baby, your baby. Our doulas will never leave your side as you transition from pregnancy to motherhood and make the best decisions for yourself. Don't feel guilty about the choices you make for your birth that help you bring your baby into this world. Let that epidural guilt go and own it.