Live-in Newborn Care Specialist Support

What is this postpartum doula thing all about?

Amazing postpartum support, something all parents need at some point in their postpartum recovery with a new baby. This may sound like overkill, but I promise you, it is not! Having a new baby, be it your first, second, fifth, you have family and friends, you do not have family and friends around, is difficult.

Parenthood is not as fluffy as they make it out to be, and by they I mean, media, movies, Instagram and so on. It’s really tough. It’s challenging. But it is also so joyous! Wonderfully joyous and raw.

Postpartum Doula Support, Newborn Care Specialists

While Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists are different, here at Virginia is for Doulas our team is both, yes BOTH! Newborn Care Specialists tend to focus just on baby and baby’s needs, while postpartum doulas tend to focus on the family adjustment, emotional adjustment of the family, breastfeeding expertise, bottle feeding support and the list goes on. The reality is that when you are looking for support to help you through those early months as a new parent, you need both kinds of care!

You need newborn care, you need newborn experts that know how to take care of babies and that can help you learn to be a confident new parent, but you also need emotional support, breastfeeding support, bottle feeding support, and a companion to help you and your family to navigate this big, exciting, challenging time.

24/7 Newborn Care Specialists… what’s the big deal

The big deal is that you can have found the clock support, through the good times and the bad, for the first week home, two weeks, month or whatever your family needs! It might seem overwhelming to have someone in your home, but think of it as a non-judgemental best friend who knows ALL the baby stuff and is there to focus just on transitioning your family. They are not there to be in the way, you do not need to host them, they are up to date on all information regarding newborns, babies, breastfeeding and family adjustment and the will not judge you for how you gave birth, your feeding choices, your parenting philosophy and they know how to give you your space.

Often times our postpartum families have just a 5 hour day shift or a 10 hour overnight, but still find themselves struggling with the morning after, or that afternoon time and that is where live-in postpartum support comes in handy.

If you are considering live-in support, reach out to us to learn more about our team, our standards and how we can help you transition from hospital to home as smoothly as possible. Live in clients must book early in order to receive the schedule that they desire.

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