Looking for a West Virginia Doula for Your Birth?

If you are searching for a doula in West Virginia to support you for your birth at Berkeley Medical Center (read about our experience) or Winchester Medical Center (read about our tour), we have one of the best on our team just for you! With out a doubt pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery is one of the most exciting, unknown, challenging, joyous times in anyone's life. However, you do not have to be alone for any of it. A doula, a valuable addition to your birth team can be many things.

  • A Doula can help you find answers to the questions you have asked or have yet to ask yourself
  • A Doula can help you set everything up for your baby and prepare for the birth you want
  • A Doula can help you feel in control of the decisions made for your birth and postpartum transition
  • A Doula can help you reach the goals you have set for yourself
  • A Doula can help you feel secure during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery
  • A Doula can help you rest while your and your family's needs are taken care of as you are always a care giver
  • A Doula will be a best friend to help you sort out all the fun stuff and be sure you have all of the up to date information and someone to dote on your nursery theme
  • A Doula will make sure you are never alone and will never switch shifts she will be there every step of the way
  • A Doula will help involve your partner in the birth as much as they would like to be involved. Helping them know what to expect and how to support you in each changing moment

This is the value of a doula. Regardless of what your birth plans are your doula will be there to support your medicated/unmedicated vaginal birth, planned/unplanned cesarean birth, induction, hospital birth, home birth, or birth center birth. She will be there when you need her and she will be there with nonjudgemental support for your birth. We have several fabulous doulas who support families in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, so if you are birthing in WV, Loudoun or Winchester, we have the team for you! Meet our Doulas and schedule a consultation to meet us!