Meet One of our Harrisonburg Area Doula Teams!

Expecting a little one or two in the Harrisonburg Area? 

We are so excite you found your way here! What exactly is doula support? Well, think of the person who supported you through a trying moment in life? Maybe an exciting moment? Think of a difficult time in your life where you wish you'd have had a personal coach on helping you understand what was going on, what to expect, options for you to make the best decision that worked for YOU, a person that walked with you through the moments where you didn't know what to do next or someone to celebrate with you. That is just a little taste of what doula support looks like.

It's nonjudgmental support for the easy and hard moments, excitement for the fun moments, guidance in the moments where you need expert guidance that is interested in what works best for you, not what worked for them.

Guidance achieving your natural childbirth, guidance through your induction, guidance through your planned or unplanned cesarean, guidance for your partner, and guidance for the things that come up that you didn't plan for.

Our passion is supporting the goals of Harrisonburg area families

We have a great team of vetted, amazing doulas on the Virginia is for Doulas team and several of them are located near the Harrisonburg, Staunton areas. Our teammates come from various backgrounds all with passion, professionalism and care that completes your pregnancy or postpartum team to make you feel like you're ready to meet your baby and parent.

Our teams provide 24/7 on call support for you during your pregnancy, all of your questions, concerns, excitements, navigating provider communication, preparing for birth and more, your team is there to help you through it all. When the big day comes, your doula is ready to come to your side to help you navigate through contractions, early labor, active labor, transition, pushing a baby out and that first hour after birth! She is there to help initiate breastfeeding if your goal is to breastfeed. Our postpartum & infant care doulas help you transition home, settle in, put systems in place that will help you and your family feel at peace. Our postpartum & infant care doulas will help you and your partner get sleep throughout the night. They can also help your baby learn to sleep better!

Pregnancy and postpartum support from our Harrisonburg area doulas looks different for each family, because each family is unique and the support we provide is what each family needs.

You will feel peace of mind, assurance, and support every step of the way as you meet your new baby and transition into life as a parent. 

Kara, Tiffany and Athena are part of our amazing team that serves Harrisonburg area families, if you would like to meet them in person to connect about your vision, contact us!