Meet the Winchester Doula Team: Kandice and Sarah

Congratulations on your growing family, let's talk about how to make this experience unforgettable. 

Are you looking for a Doula in Winchester? Look no further than the Virginia is for Doulas' team Kandice and Sarah. This pair is amazing and let me tell you why. Kandice and Sarah are unique in the backgrounds that they both possess and bring to their doula clients. Kandice has been a Registered Nurse and EMT working in the Winchester area for over a decade on the path to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife, while as your doula her experience can be helpful for navigating normals and unknowns that may arise during your pregnancy.

Sarah, has a Bachelors in Women's Ministries brining in education, skill and passion for serving women and their needs, all of which she brings with her to her Doula Career. She brings balance to expecting family's pregnancies and allows them to focus on meeting their baby. She lets you focus on your goals while she and Kandice bring their experience and skill to complete your team.

Compassion for supporting pregnant families, with an untouchable background

Both Kandice and Sarah are trained ProDoula Doulas enabling them to support families during pregnancy. Looking for a Doula to help you understand the process? This team will be there by your side as you navigate complications that arise, while you navigate creating a plan that fits your needs, while you navigate determining if labor has started... for the fifth time. This team will be there by your side as you set and reach your goals. This team will be there whether you plan to delivery with an epidural or not. This team will help you through the tough moments when you feel like you will give up. This team will be there for your VBAC. This team will be there for your induction birth. This team will be there for you completely uncomplicated birth. This team will be there through the moments you could not have predicted and to help your partner feel involved and ready to meet your new addition(s). This team will be there for YOU.

Who does this team support?

Kandice and Sarah live centrally in Winchester which enables them to serve families located or birthing from Winchester to Leesburg. They support families birthing medicated, unmedicated, in or out of the hospital. Together Kandice and Sarah have served over 15  families in a variety of hospital, home birth, medicated and unmedicated settings. They support families delivering with providers such as Loudoun Community Midwives, Winchester OBGYN, Winchester Women's Specialist, Dr. Neal Foster, Capitol Women's Care, Blue Ridge Births, Premier Birth Center and more!

Kandice and Sarah are a great team for families looking for well rounded, exceptionally trained Doulas to help them achieve the birth they have envisioned.