Meet Heather Shank, Postpartum Doula in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Virginia is for Doulas is so excited to have Heather on our team. Her passion and skill for supporting women is clear. She has years of personal and professional experience that drives her passion for supporting mothers. Enough from us about this amazing, kind woman. Let us introduce, Heather Shank, postpartum doula. Where did you grow up? I grew up mostly in New Hampshire, but my parents traveled a lot and moved a lot, so a few of the places I have lived are Carson City, NV, Cody, WY, Charlotte, NC, and Front Royal, VA. We camped for a few months in a canyon with wild horses in Nevada, and in a remote valley in Wyoming.

What is your favorite part about being a mother? I love learning to really know my children, their personalities, and the things that make them unique. We homeschool and I love instilling a love of learning, teaching life skills, and exploring life together.

How would your kids describe you as a person? Nurturing, kind, giving, reliable

 What would your best advice about loving marriage be? I have been married for nearly 25 years, and love being married to my husband, my partner in this journey of life. Some things we have learned along the way that bring joy:  Daily intentional kindness and service to each other, intentional time set aside to really know and enjoy this partner in life and love. We may not have time in busy seasons to daily communicate deeply, but we can daily give our spouse kindness and service, reassurance that we want time together.

We weren't made to go it alone, and in marriage as in other parts of life, we need input and encouragement from others. Find other couples to share the journey with, laugh together, and make memories with.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, every time. Lily's Dark Chocolate is a favorite of mine!

Why did you choose Doula work? I believe that needing others is not a weakness, but part of what makes us human, and in serving women we are empowered and we empower those we serve and support. When I was 13, I was at the birth of my sister, and my interest in birth grew from that point. After having seven children I am very aware of how challenging, yet powerful pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be, and I love supporting women in these very important, very intimate parts of their lives.

Who has inspired you in your life? My mother - she is a great teacher, lover of nature, and business owner. She raised six children, homesteaded, and always managed to have a home business wherever we lived.

It is Saturday night at 6pm. What are you doing ( if you could pick anything)? I am curling up on my couch with my husband and kids, coffee and gluten-free brownie in hand, ready to enjoy a good movie.


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