Midwife Opens New Birth Center in Winchester, Virginia

Premier Birth Center is beautiful, we want to share the news with you!

Virginia is for Doulas is excited to share this exciting new birthing option for families in Winchester and surrounding areas. Out of hospital birth may not be within your comfort level, but stay and listen to this fantastic new birth center, you will not be disappointed. Kim Pekin is an astonishing midwife, we asked her a few questions and want to share her answers with you.

Why did you decide to become a midwife?

Well, I decided to become a midwife after I had two home births myself. After having had 3 hospital births with OBGYNs, the care I received through my midwives was night and day different. From the very first visit, it was a totally different experience. I felt respected for my ability to make decisions for myself, and I felt like the entire experience was about planning a healthy, family centered, normal celebration to welcome my child into the world. With my first three OB experiences, I was disappointed that I didn't receive that kind of care and had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that it just didn't exist. So, when I had my first midwife visit, my reaction was like, "wow, this is how it's supposed to be!" I knew I wanted more women to be able to have the same kind of empowering births I had through midwifery.

How long have you been supporting families as a midwife?

I have been supporting families as a CPM and Licensed Midwife since 2009, but I've been helping friends and families with birth and breastfeeding since I was in high school. The first birth I attended as a doula was December 7, 1983, when I was a senior in high school.

Why did you choose Winchester as a location for the new center?

I chose Winchester for the birth center for many reasons. I'm originally from the Mountain West. I grew up in Colorado and Wyoming, and in my heart, I'm a small town girl. While I love all the great things the city has to offer, I love the sense of community and the down-to-earth people I find in Western Loudoun and in the Winchester area. I've lived in Western Loudoun for 15 years, so it really feels like home to me. Winchester just feels right to me. I feel like community needs a birth center like this, and that families shouldn't have to drive so far to have the care they want. I'm happy to know that we'll be able to serve families from parts of West Virginia and Maryland, too. There are many people -- doulas, midwives, parents, midwifery students -- in the Winchester area who are passionate about birth, and I want them to feel like the birth center is a place where they can gather as a community, too.

What is unique about this birth center that makes it a great option for expecting families?

I think since the birth center is a renovated house, it will feel very homey and welcoming, so I think that will help people to feel comfortable when they are there. It will be a beautiful place to bring a baby into the world. Each birthing suite will have large soaking tubs, comfortable queen-size pillow top beds, lots of space for your family. You'll be able to use the kitchen so you can bring your food with you and eat and drink during labor. We're on a cul-de-sac, so you can go for a walk outside, or you can hang out on the deck in the backyard. In many ways, it will be like a home birth, just at our house! All of our families will have two licensed care providers at their birth. They'll have a CPM and an RN, so they will have access to emergency medications, if needed, for additional safety. And, we'll offer the option of an extended stay if you like the idea of additional help from our nurses or additional monitoring, so you can go home rested and with even more confidence.

Will you also serve home birth clients?

Yes, we will also continue to serve home birth clients.

How many midwives will you have working at the birth center?

We will have two midwives working at the birth center. Kimberly Haines and I are the two who will be there.

What is your expected opening date?

We anticipate opening in early February, provided things continue to move forward on schedule. Of course, it all depends on a lot of things that are largely out of our control, but it appears that's when we're opening. As soon as we have a firm date, we'll be announcing it on Facebook. Also, we'll be launching a new website for the birth center soon, so if people want to stay updated about our progress, they can "like" our Facebook page and get updates as soon as we have news to share.

Women seeking a birth center in Winchester, Virginia now have a wonderful option to consider for their birth. Stay tuned for classes, group meetings and the grand opening happening at Premier Birth Center.