Midwives at Winchester Medical Center

Let's talk about Midwives at Winchester Medical Center!

Growing your family? Looking for Midwifery Care, but not sure you want to deliver out of the hospital? For several years, Karen, of Winchester Women's Specialist, was the only Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) supporting families at Winchester Medical Center. Over the years Valley Health in Winchester has listened to what women have been asking for and the local practices have done the same by growing their provider teams with Midwives.

What exactly is Midwifery Care? How does that work in a mixed practice?

The main OB/CNM provider groups serving families delivering at Winchester Medical Center are Winchester Women's Specialist and Winchester OBGYN. They each have a mix of CNMs and OBGYNs to enable full service support to families with specific needs. The Midwifery Model of Care is more centered on women, a more natural approach and mindset towards pregnancy and birth, though you can deliver with an induction or an epidural in the hospital with a CNM, you cannot have a cesarean with them, hence the importance of OB collaboration. Midwifrey Care is often focused on listening to women and their experiences and wishes, as well as being more focused on a natural approach to birth and the first few hours after birth.

Unfortunately, there are not enough CNMs in either practice to have an only CNM call schedule, but perhaps that is in their future. Your call schedule will be shared with the OBs and the CNMs of the practice you hire for your prenatal care. What does this mean for your delivery and prenatal care? During your pregnancy, you can focus on seeing the Nurse Midwives, but be sure to meet all the providers (CNMs and OBs) at some point so that you are acquainted with the provider who may be with you during labor and birth.

Some women prefer Midwifery Prenatal appointments and have no preference on who is there during the delivery, some women want to meet all the providers and would prefer a Midwife during birth. Whatever your preference is, do not hesitate to chat with the office about your wishes and goals.

Who are your hospital Midwife options at Winchester Medical Center?

Winchester Women's Specialist has two Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), Karen and Sarah. Several members of our team have worked with both of them and without a doubt they are both fabulous. Check out our interview with Karen and our VBAC experience with Sarah.

Winchester OB/GYN has three Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), Brittany, Linda, and Nikki. Nikki is their newest addition to the team and we are so thrilled that she has joined WOB. Several members of our team have fabulous experiences with CNMs of Winchester OB and great experiences with Nikki while she was woking as an L&D Nurse at WMC.

While you may not go into labor while one of the Midwives are on call, we want families in Winchester to know that the OBs of each practice are also fantastic. You can be involved in your prenatal care and birth, by asking questions and opening up communicate with your provider (CNM or OB) to achieve your goals or find some middle ground. Over the years, Winchester Medical Center has made improvements on their L&D Delivery Room Policy and is more open minded about natural delivery and having a mother/baby friendly environment. Your providers, support team, and delivery location all come together to make your experience more of what you want.