Morning Sickness Hacks for Surviving the First Trimester

Morning sickness hacks for the first trimester of pregnancy…


Well, first let’s get this cleared up, morning sickness is more like… all day… night time… anytime of day… sickness that some how ended up termed “ morning sickness”. Hormones are higher at that time and so perhaps that is where it came from because most women DO feel more sick in the morning, but there are many pregnant people who feel sick all day every day for the first trimester of pregnancy. 70-80% of expecting people experience morning sickness in their first trimester (first 12 weeks) of pregnancy!

What is morning sickness?

We suspect that morning sickness is a combination of hormones and lower blood sugar in the pregnant persons body. Because growing a human is not easy work and it does take a lot out of you. Blood sugar levels may fluctuate in pregnancy, especially the first trimester causing women to feel nauseous and/or vomit. We know this happens from the hormone surges as well.

Managing morning sickness

How to help that nausea go away! We’ve all heard the ‘eat small meals often’, you might what to roll your eyes at this, but it truly does help, however, it will take a few days to catch up! Try taking a bite of almonds or a protein bar in the middle of the night when you go pee (because we know that is happening) this will help keep your blood sugar level and not so low when you wake in the morning. When your blood sugar is extremely low in the morning, you wake feeling horrible, combined with a hormone surge you feel as if nothing will help.

There is some evidence that Vitamin B6 and B12 will also help with the nausea and morning sickness, but not the vomiting. Chat with your primary care provider or your OB/Midwife to find out more on this and if it is something you should try!

Peppermint and Ginger often helps women with morning sickness or nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy. You can do candies or mints or teas!

When nausea and vomiting goes beyond normal

There is a serious condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG for short) and it is more than just nausea all the time or really tough morning sickness. It can also cause persistent vomiting, which can lead to dehydration. HG is a condition that can require hospitalization and treatment with IV fluids and anti-nausea medications because weight loss can become so severe. This is not the same as morning sickness and is not treatable with peppermint and eating often. Chat with your provider about medications to manage this and receive a diagnosis. Our friends at Blissful Birthing wrote a great blog about Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Let’s not forger fresh air!

Fresh air, walks and getting out to do something will really help with morning sickness. When we get stuck inside or doing nothing it can seem or be worse for expecting people. We hope that you feel better soon and when the 12 week mark comes you feel energetic and vibrant again!