Moving in Pregnancy for a Better Birth

Preparing for childbirth!


We have families ask us all the time, “what can I do to prepare for birth?”

Preparing for birth involves so much more than a birth plan, it involves eating well when you can, exercise, your support system, a great provider, the best birth location you can choose, and mental preparation.

Why is movement in pregnancy important?

A hundred years ago we were active all day, squatting, walking, moving, from the moment of conception to the moment of delivery, we moved.

Movement keeps our stamina up. Movement keeps our muscles ready for labor. Movement allows your ligaments to be prepared for all the movements you will do in labor and during pushing.

Movement in pregnancy means that when you are in labor for 12, 14, 24 hours or whatever your body decides to give you, you will be ready for it!

Movement prepares your body for the physical aspect of labor!

How can you move in pregnancy to prepare for labor?

Movement in pregnancy does not always have to be some elaborate plan! It can look like walking, if you already had a workout routine prior to pregnancy typically you can continue that with provider approval, dancing with Dancing for Birth, or prenatal yoga.

Squatting is also a great addition to your movement in pregnancy! Not only will it keep you flexible, but it is also helpful for your pelvic floor.

Keeping active, however you accomplish that will be beneficial for your labor! It will keep it shorter, your stamina will be prepared and you will not feel unnecessarily exhausted when the big day comes!