My Scheduled Cesarean at Winchester Medical Center

As you prepare for your planned cesarean at Winchester Medical Center (WMC) what can you expect? What is important to you as you welcome your new addition(s)? The entire team of Virginia is for Doulas enjoys working with clients at WMC because WMC works hard to help families feel supported and cared for. We have a list of the most common questions and drew from our experience as well as interviewing Nikki Campbell and L&D Nurse at Winchester Medical Center.

In the OR can anyone besides the partner be present? 

Nikki said: They are allowed to have two people in the triage room before they go back to the OR. Once they leave triage to go to the OR, only 1 person may go back with them.

VIFD: Our team members have found that they can go to the PACU while the partner goes into the OR with mom and wait there during delivery. This does depend on the nurses present, but we are working hard to create trust in always allowing out Doulas to do this.

Does WMC offer Clear drapes? Is this in future plans if not?

As of right now, we do not have the clear drapes. We have at times pulled down the drape so mom can see baby as soon as it comes out. We have been in the talks to get clear ones, but not sure how long it would take to get new ones.

How early does a mom typically have to arrive at the hospital before her surgery?

We have our patients come in about 2 hours prior to their scheduled c/s time. Usually takes about 30-45 mins to get them all checked in, IV started, and meds if needed. We can take them off the monitor after this if they have more family in the waiting room and have let walk out to see them there.

Can mom have skin to skin in the OR immediately? 

Once the baby comes out, it is taken to the warmer for the first 1 minutes APGAR and then if it is breathing well and holding its own, it goes right skin to skin as long as it is 37 wks and above and doing well.

Is delayed cord clamping possible, and what does that look like in seconds? (Ex. 30 sec, 45 sec etc)

I have seen some MDs do delayed cord clamping when asked about it beforehand and a plan is made. I am not sure exactly how long they would do it for, but generally not longer than the 1 minute APGAR and it all depends on situation and mom’s status.

Can the mom recover with baby immediately after surgery in PACU? 

As long as baby’s acuity is well, the baby will stay with mom in the recovery room. Partner will bring baby out of the OR with the nursery nurse as we are moving mom from the OR to her recovery and then they are reunited together in the recovery room for skin to skin to continue.

Virginia is for Doulas strives to bring education and answers to birthing families in the Winchester community. What we have seen over the  15+ years of combined experience is that when families know what to expect, feel prepared, feel listened to, and have what they need to achieve their goals, it creates an overall better birth experience. We proudly support all births in all locations.