Natural Birth at Winchester Medical Center

Going all natural at Winchester Medical Center?

Okay, ready to have your baby? Your plan is to go epidural free, maybe this is your first baby or you had an epidural last time, either way, we cannot wait to share with your our top tips for having an unmedicated birth at Winchester Medical Center.

We've written before on what to expect when birthing at Winchester Medical Center and our entire team sings their praises because however you're planning to give birth, their staff and providers are wonderful! Planning for the arrival of your baby takes a lot of preparation, planning for an unmedicated birth also takes a lot of preparation and we are going to focus on that today.

Before you go to the hospital

You've taken your Childbirth Education Class to birth at Winchester so that you understand all aspects of how labor will start, what to expect, how to stay comfortable, how your partner can support you, when to go to the hospital and when to call your doula. Next, you know at some point, labor will begin. When labor begins, get comfy at home! Rest, sleep, take a bath, shower, sit on the ball and if you have a Doula, call them over when things start to pick up.

When things begin to pick up you know it is time to head to the hospital. Often families hire a Doula to get a professional opinion on when to go into the hospital so that you do not go in too early or too late. Generally, going into the hospital in active labor looks like going in when you are continually needing to focus on contractions, work through them with movement, a specific position, or vocalization.

Once you arrive at Winchester Medical Center

You want to arrive at the hospital in a good labor pattern. A good labor pattern will ensure that you are in active labor and the transition and excitement will not slow down your labor as you settle into a new environment.  Once you are settled and the Nurses at Winchester Medical Center have checked you in and gotten a look at baby, get up and get moving! Ask for the wireless monitors, Winchester Medical Center has a few options, or intermittent monitoring so that you are able to move about in labor allowing baby to move into and through the pelvis optimally. Moving also keeps you comfortable and distracted throughout the contractions that are coming. Your nurses will check in on you as needed!

Utilize the shower and the toilet! Those are two of the greatest places to labor at Winchester because they keep you comfortable, relaxed and help your labor continue to progress. Remember that you have the power to achieve your goals within you! Sometimes, you need some outside support but your team can help you navigate those options as they arise.

Pushing at Winchester Medical Center

Winchester Medical Center L&D nurses and providers are fabulous. When it comes time to push, choose a position that is comfortable for you, hands and knees, ask for the squat bar, left-side lying, throne position or whatever you end up in! The great thing about WMC is that our Doula team has no issue helping our clients push in alternate positions to the laying on the back, so communicate with your team about what your goals are and go for it!

Winchester Medical Center is a great place to give birth if you're desiring an unmedicated birth, but feel more comfortable in a hospital setting!