Natural Birthing Center in Leesburg, Virginia

Update: The Loudoun Community Midwives have moved to supporting families at StoneSprings Hospital Center. Their Plan is to work towards a new birthing center as soon as possible. Visit their website for an informational session time.

Looking for natural birthing options in Leesburg, Virginia?

Have you taken a look at the Natural Birthing Center in Leesburg, run by the Midwives at Loudoun Community Midwives? We took some time to ask Wendy Dotson, a CNM with Loudoun Community Midwives, some questions about the amazing work she does. Wendy Dotson, inspired Tiffany, our owner, on the career path to Doula work. Because of this inspiration and the work that the Loudoun Community Midwives are doing, we wanted to share with you some of the highlights of this fantastic birthing option.

Wendy, why did you become a Midwife?

I became a midwife as a spiritual calling.  I was 27 yreas old and had not yet had a baby myself.  It was really scary and overwhelming for me because the responsibility felt so huge, but I was encouraged by those around me, that this was the right way to use my abilities and talents, and what I was meant to do.

At first, I just served people in my church in a small home birth practice, but gradually, doors opened for me to be comfortable serving a wide diversity of people.

What is your favorite part about being a mother? 

Seeing my children grow over the years into amazing people.  And reading my favorite books to them. And hiking.  And the beach.

What is one of your most memorable Midwife moments?

That moment when a woman busts into tears because she realizes what she just did-- the amazement of pushing a baby out, the victory, the shock. And maybe my first birth in Haiti.

How is the new birthing center moving along? 

We opened in November 2014, and just celebrated the 100th baby! So, great. Now that we have great statistics and data, we can consider expanding into waterbirth, etc.

What is special about the Natural Birthing Center?  

There are many beautiful birth centers out there, but it is special that it is on the campus of a hospital. There are few true birth centers connected to hospitals that don't lose the natural birth focus. I think we are keeping it fairly pure, though, considering that it's hospital-owned. In our first year, we had 15 % of admitted moms transfer into hospital care during labor- and that statistic is pretty standard in birth centers all around the US. And of the first 100 moms admitted, only 4% had C/sections- also concordant with US national stats. The smoothness of the transfers is great- no drama, the midwives can continue to help care for the women transferred, and even the emergencies have gone like clockwork.

What is your favorite part about the Natural Birthing Center?

I think it's seeing the families enjoy it in their own special way, and the focus on normalcy. We've had grandparents making a pot roast dinner during the labor, and the little kids love to make cookies while their mamas are working on birthing the baby. And the tubs are a big hit- they are huge.

Many women want a natural birth, with midwife support, while also having the option of hospital back up if needed, that is exactly what LCM offers at their Natural Birthing Center.