Nicoleinbold, Leesburg Birth Photographer

UDATE: Nicole has taken her amazing skill and family and moved to Richmond, VA. While we are so sad to loose her in Leesburg, we do have other fabulous birth photographers in Leesburg, VA. Reach out to us for our suggestions!  Nicole took our fantastic team photos for the website. I have also worked with her at a birth where I was the birth doula, the photos, as expected, were stunning! We want to share Nicole's gift for photography with you so that you can capture those special moments and keep them for a lifetime.

What do you love most about photographing births?

It is hard to pin point just one thing to be honest. I love watching the slow unraveling of mom as the birth process progresses. This is so beautiful to me, so primal, authentic, and real. Even more, I adore watching mom’s support team, especially her partner, be a rock for her to lean on. The raw emotion, unguarded, with an element of the unknown is quite life affirming and drives me to continue to do what I do. With all of that said, being present in the sacred birth space is beyond humbling when baby finally makes their appearance. Mom’s relief and instinctual grasp for her newborn blows my mind every time; including the look of awe and love in that very moment from dad’s face. No birth is the same, but being asked to witness this miracle, document this experience, is something I hold close to my heart.

Why do you feel birth photography is important?

Birth photography is important for many reasons. Here’s my top three. First, it is not only the birthday of baby, but the birth-day of becoming a mother. Your partnership changes into parenthood. This event is so monumental in a parent’s life, yet, so very fleeting. There is no timeline or hard and fast plan set in stone. It is the one time that you truly surrender to your body and work with a person you have never met before, for the common goal of being born. The moments of connection, the look on parent’s faces the first time they meet their new tiny human, and the firsts that follow and subsequently melt your heart. Remembering those moments are why birth photography is important.

Second, having a birth photographer present frees up your birth team, your partner or parents, to be present as your support. They won’t have to worry about if they got the shot. All of those connections with dad, and first glances, and finger grasping will be captured because, ultimately, that is my job.

My third and final reason birth photography is important: because beyond the firsts and transformations, birth photography can be healing. When you are in the birthing zone, you are focused and don’t take account of actual events, the time passing, and the little moments of what is going on around you. I know with my birth, in my head, I felt it was more traumatic than it actually was. Having a birth photographer present, capturing life for me, helped me look back and heal. I have worked with some moms who want a photographer there because previous births were traumatic, or they struggled with postpartum anxiety or depression. Having their birth story to look back on has helped them tremendously in settling their heart and helping them heal. I truly love being present for families at this time in their life.

Do you like photographing births at all birth locations?(Hospitals, birth centers, home births)

I honestly do not have a preference. This past year I was honored to have photographed birth stories in the hospital, both medicated and natural, at the local birth centers, and in client’s homes. Ultimately, it is not up to me to choose the location or discriminate my services based on a mother’s choice. I am a huge proponent of informed choices and respecting the birth space. As long as the laboring mom and family is respected, feels safe, and I am invited in, I will be there.

What can your clients expect from your photos?

Dramatic and intentional depictions of raw emotion and real life. While I do photograph everything in color, I typically reveal and show my images in black and white. This is an artistic decision that I have chosen to help my client, and other viewers, FEEL the image. I don’t want them to be distracted by color or bright patterns. My clients tend to move around a lot as well, so this provides a level on consistency in my telling of their story.

How do you feel when you attend a birth where a doula is present?

I feel happy! A family and mother that has a doula present, I feel, has educated herself about this transformative process that is birth, and therefore is more prepared to work with what is happening with her body. Having a doula present also takes a lot of pressure off of a partner to have all the answers, which in turn frees him to be more emotionally available to their partner.

What do you do with your spare time when you are not at a birth photographing?

I am being present for my family, park hoping, going on adventures, and making messes. I love water color and calligraphy, and better yet, sharing my paints and coloring with my daughter. You may also find me reading, learning, and connecting with others in my community. Also, I enjoy giving back with a couple groups, namely Red Thread Sessions and Capturing Hopes.

Do you also offer newborn and maternity sessions?

I do offer both newborn and maternity sessions, and have packages that combine these sessions with birth photography. There is nothing more gratifying than to follow a family, and grow with them through their parenthood journey. I do also offer breastfeeding and baby wearing sessions for those families that want to remember and commemorate these amazing bonding activities.

Tell us something special about yourself that would fascinate our readers.

I wear mismatched socks, on purpose. My daughter usually picks them out for me, after she picks her own, and we both put on our mismatched socks together. I simply adore elephants: I’m a fanatic. They are truly my spirit animal.

Water birth, birth photography
Water birth, birth photography
postpartum baby NiB
postpartum baby NiB

Thank you Nicole, for sharing with us! If you are looking for a birth photographer in the Leesburg area, we recommend Nicole!