Our Top 3 Must Dos for New Parents

Our Top 3 Must dos for new parents!


Becoming a new parent is often largely focused on the baby, and we want to enjoy babies and focus on them, but we want to share our top three must dos for new parents to not for get about YOU.

We become mothers, we must remember that we have an identity of parent and independent adult!

#1 You must get out of the house by yourself or with your partner, alone - no baby!

Being new parents is exciting and exhausting all at once. Suddenly you have a precious little one that depends on you for their every need, they need bathed, fed, changed, supported and loved and YET you dont get extra hours in a day when you bring a baby home. So now you must fit everything you usually do, plus more, into the same 24 hours - oh and you still need sleep - that your not getting. So going out - as a couple- to spend some time together is really important. It is important for your relationship, it is important for your mental health, it is important for your parenting. Rested, refreshed parents are thriving parents.

#2 Put on make up/perfume/lips stick/nice clothes

We know that most of the world would be content to live in yoga pants and comfy shirts for most of their lives, but when we do that day in and day out, while caring for a new baby, right after giving birth, parents can start to feel a little lost. Even if you are NOT going out of the house, take some time to put your baby down or put them in a carrier or have a postpartum doula come over and dress a little nicer in a way that makes you feel like you again. When we become parents we must also remember that we are still individual, unique adults, and we have to allow ourselves to be just that sometimes.

#3 Get a shower

It’s the simplest of things, but it’s one of the most important things that make humans feel human, especially parents who are learning to balance life/work/baby/self care. It seems so simple, but many new parents find that they dont have the time or dont think they have the time to shower now that they have a tiny little one in their homes. Let the baby hang out in a safe space and grab your shower! If you have a fussier baby or a baby with colic, have some family over to take care of the baby and some additional help ( not for you to host them) or have one shift a week with a postpartum doula to give you some time with an expert, learn about baby care, self care, and have some time to yourself!

Did we mention get a shower? Because that is of the utmost importance!

As new parents it can be easy to get wrapped up in all the baby stuff, and we LOVE the baby stuff, but it is also important for you to remember yourself.