Our Tour of RMH Family Birthplace in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Our agency proudly works cohesively with the obstetricians, midwives and nurses that you have at your birth. As birth doulas supporting families in Harrisonburg and surrounding areas, we make it our priority to be the experts in childbirth and postpartum. We want to be familiar with the protocols, birth rooms, labor and delivery nurses and providers at RMH labor and delivery.


Many clients ask us questions about our experiences at the birthing facility they are planning to birth at and we want to be able to answer your questions completely. They feel comfortable knowing we have experience there. Yes, when we are familiar with everything about RMH, it makes for a smooth experience at the hospital for your labor. We know our way around and the nurses and providers know us and trust the doulas from our agency.

We are proud of our professionalism and find that providers appreciate our support for their clients. When you add a doula to your team, the nurses and provider can focus on their job, and you can still be supported emotionally and physically.

When you choose RMH in Harrisonburg for your birth, add a doula to your team to help you feel confident, in control, support and enjoy a resource of experience dedicated to supporting you.

What we loved most about the Sentara RMH Family Birthplace?



There are some exciting changes coming to RMH and they are working hard to improve the care you receive. We are excited to be supporting our community around RMH.