Our Tour of Winchester Medical Center

Our owner has been attending births at Winchester Medical Center for 8 years and each experience is better than the last. All we can say about the recent experiences is what an amazing nursing staff that focuses on healthy mom and baby while working with each clients specific wishes. We decided to take a tour, as an agency, of the WMC labor and delivery floor. We wanted the L&D staff to be familiar with our names and faces so that they would know all of us when we walked in to support one of our clients during their birth.

We also wanted to talk to the nurses about our professionalism and goals of working well together with the providers and nurses. When we support clients it allows them to be emotionally and physically cared for while the nurses and providers focus on their job. Whether you are choosing a medicated birth, unmedicated birth, you haven't decided or you have a planned cesarean, we will be there to support you. Women in the Winchester area want a change in their birth experience and they are being heard.

Four of the Virginia is for Doulas team members spent some time with Katy, she showed us the labor rooms, the showers, the peanut balls, and birth ball. We met a few of the nurses that we didn't know and said hello to some of the ones we did know.

Why did we tour the hospital?

For a few reasons. We want the nursing staff and receptionist to be familiar with us. We also want to clearly know our way around the L&D, MotherBaby and the NICU. This helps our clients feel at ease as we are able to answer all of their questions and have a relationship with the nursing staff who will be spending a lot of time with our clients during their birth. When every one is working together, this creates a smooth transition and opens communication for mom, nurses, providers and your birth doula.

What did it accomplish?

All of our doulas who were present know their way around. Building relationships with the people we will be working with is important. We work with you during your pregnancy to learn about your preferences, wishes and desires for your birth. We want your provider to be happy to see us by your side, we want your provider to know we will be working to support you and them. I can't say any more on the goals of change, but I can say that Virginia is for Doulas is working on bringing the changes that women want to see. We are beginning to build a relationship with Valley Health so that we can help them make the changes you want to happen.

We love supporting birthing families at Winchester Medical Center. Are you looking to know more about Doula support for your birth? Contact us.