World Doula Week: Overnight Doulas Help Your Baby Learn Healthy Sleep Habits

Overnight Newborn Care is more than just holding babies

Overnight newborn care with the Virginia is for Doulas team helps your baby learn healthy sleep habits that will last a life time and when our care is done or we are not there, your baby will sleep better for you. Imagine that! Your investment in overnight care to get you more sleep, means that you are also investing in your future and ensuring that your baby sleeps better at night and during the day. More importantly they will learn how to sleep in safe spaces and sleep in those spaces even better than you can think.

Overnight Newborn Care Specialists do a whole lot

Overnight newborn care specialists allow you to get the sleep you need to function optimally during the daytime as a mom. Newborn care specialists help you with breastfeeding or bottle feeding overnight and give you peace of mind that allows you to sleep, knowing that your baby or multiples are cared for while you get the sleep you need to recover and become confident parents. Additionally, overnight newborn care will next focus on gentle sleep skills for your baby.

What does gentle sleep shaping mean?

Typically, most night nannies, postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists just keep the babies quiet and hold them all night long. This is great in those first few early weeks when newborn babies need additional care and they are working on their sleeping at night skills. Many babies have their ‘ days and nights mixed up’, but really they are just working on their sleeping skills, they need fed more often and they wake more often out of safety. Our Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists are also infant sleep specialists and will focus on gently stretching out the times that your babies can sleep in their bassinet or crib, at age appropriate levels. When your overnight care is not there and your baby needs to be held all night… that will not help you on the nights you do not have your postpartum team.

With a team in place that will focus on caring for your baby in the first few weeks and then begin helping your baby sleep better on their own in a gentle way. What this means for your baby is that they learn to sleep better in a gentle, tearless way, where your baby will slowly learn to sleep longer in their own space so that when you are done with overnight care or have an off night, you can easily put your baby down and have 4-5 hour stretches during the night! Your investment in overnight care is an investment in your mental health, your sleep and your entire family.

Sleep is important and being able to invest in help that will ultimately make your life with little ones easier is priceless.

What can you expect from Virginia is for Doulas and our Postpartum Specialists?

You can expect that our postpartum specialists will help you adjust to life as a new parent. You can expect that our postpartum doulas will help with breastfeeding your baby, if you are doing so. You can expect that our postpartum doulas will not overwhelm you or judge your parenting style or philosophy. You can expect that our postpartum doulas will allow you to get sleep as a new parent, while also caring very well for your baby, and helping them learn how to sleep better for when you are on your own. Ready to book your postpartum overnight support? Fill out our new client application to reserve your support.

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