Overnight Newborn Care for Aldie Families

Loudoun County Families need reliable newborn care

And we have a solution for you and it’s called Postpartum Doula Care!

What is it like having overnight newborn care?

Bringing home a baby or two after welcoming them to your family can be a big transition. Giving birth is no joke either, you need time to recover and you may or may not have a long maternity leave, limited family around, or family that cannot help exactly how you need.

What you need is sleep, support, up to date feeding support, expertise by your side, and systems in place that make life as a new parent easier.

Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists support you exactly how you need to be supported. What does that even mean?? It means that each family with a new baby has unique needs and postpartum doulas know exactly how to help you achieve your goals and support your unique goals.

It means that if you plan to breastfeed, bottle feed, formula feed, mix and match we will support you and that we have the expertise to help you reach your goals.

It means that if you need support so that you feel confident as new parents, can catch a break during the day, have help with the little things during the day, breastfeeding support in the moment, errand support, newborn care tips and tricks, and so on, we have the expertise to help you through all of that.

It means that if your number one goal is to get sleep while your newborn is well taken care of overnight and you want to have trusted experts helping with night feeds, night time soothing, sleep conditioning in a gentle loving way so that after 3-4 months of care your baby is sleeping long stretches at night… we have the expertise and experience to help you with all of that.

Parenting with a newborn can be challenging, but you do not have to do it alone!

“Virginia is for Doulas has helped me so much transitioning from having 2 under 2! Truly I can't say enough great things about Tiffany and her team for postpartum care. I was completely dreading having 2 under 2 with no immediate family around to help and having Tiffany gave me such peace of mind. Hiring a doula is an investment but having Tiffany and her team help me not only physically but emotionally was worth everything to me. I would tell my husband that whenever I had a doula day, it was a good day. It took a lot for me to let someone in and trust that my baby was cared after. Working in trauma and knowing what could happen made me so anxious and I made me feel like I could never relax and fall asleep. That all went away after the first day having a doula and the entire family slept for 4hrs! I did so much research before hiring Virginia is for Doulas and it was absolutely the right fit for me and my family. These women are truly gifted, passionate and knowledge people who genuinely care about the whole family's well being. Thank you so much ladies❤️💕 “ Alexandria Whiton

When should you book your newborn care in Aldie?

The ideal time to reserve care is in pregnancy, this ensures that you have the care that you want when you want it after your baby or babies arrive. However, we welcome families reaching out to us after their baby has arrived and we will serve you however we can!

Ready to reserve overnight care now?

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