Parenting: The Cry it Out Method

The choices you make as a parent are your own and while the Cry it Out Method (CIO) is a very controversial topic, some parents still use this method. The focus of this blog is on parents who choose the Cry it Out Method out of desperation and what might be helpful if you are looking to avoid this method.

As you transition into parenthood, there is a lot to prepare for to ease that postpartum transition.

You may encounter unknown and unexpected challenges. To remind you, you never have to do this alone, our postpartum doulas can help you through those early days. When you are exhausted and your baby refuses to sleep anywhere but your chest and you just do not know what else to do, you might find your way to CIO or it might be suggested to you from a friend or provider.

The Cry it Out Method is leaving or allowing a baby to cry until they 1) fall asleep or 2) learn to self-sooth. Often new parents who do not know what to do resort to this method out of desperation to get sleep, have time alone, or teach the baby to be more independent.

If you do not want to practice CIO here are some tips to help you and baby adjust before that becomes necessary. Creating a smooth process before you are over exhausted and desperate is key.

  • Remember that it takes 3 days to build good habits with your baby. Implement putting your baby down to sleep and settling them until they fall asleep. Over the next few days it will become easier for them to fall asleep.
  • Touch is amazing. When your baby stirs again, rather than pick them up, place your hand on them to calm and sooth them.
  • You do not have to do it alone. If you are continually loosing sleep, your baby will not settle easily, or you just need a break. Hire our Postpartum Doulas for a 4 overnight shifts. This enables you to get sleep while our expert postpartum doulas help the baby learn to calmly transition to sleeping alone, or going to sleep on their own. After 3 nights of our postpartum Doulas working with your newborn, on the 4th night the postpartum doula will work on showing you what the baby has adjusted to and how they can be settle in during the night. Take one night alone and call us back if you need a break again.
  • You are enough. As new parents, there is a lot that goes on, there are many unknowns, even if this is not your first child you have never met this baby before. Give yourself grace and trust your instincts.

As you adjust to parenthood, you may plan to do things one way and change your mind, and that is okay. Look for the help you want and the answers that work for you.