Placenta Encapsulation for Front Royal Families

Looking to prepare for postpartum recovery with placenta encapsulation?

We spend a lot of time preparing for the birth of our babies, we pick an amazing care provider, a birthing location, a doula, a whole nursery set up, a birth plan and baby clothes, preparing for postpartum recovery, could use more attention. Becoming parents, is not always easy, it is a big transition that needs grace, support, and patience. Preparing for your postpartum recovery with placenta encapsulation is something many women are doing to help ensure their transition is smooth and supported.

How can Placenta Encapsulation benefit you? 

Placenta Encapsulation has helped our clients feel emotionally stable after birth, which is so important as you transition into your new family life. Emotional stability means your hormones are in balance and you feel calm and supported. Placenta Encapsulation has helped our clients feel more in control of their recovery because they have something to support them when they are feeling emotional or ungrounded. Placenta Encapsulation has helped our clients with their milk supply, seeing an increase after taking their capsules and helping them boost their supply.

What is it like to work with Virginia is for Doulas?

Virginia is for Doulas is the only company in the Front Royal and Winchester areas offering encapsulation in your home. This is an important piece of our support because our Placenta Encapsulation service is not just a pick up and drop off service. The last thing you need as a new mom is limited connection and support for your postpartum recovery. When you work with us, you know that your placenta encapsulation specialist is also a postpartum & infant care doula, not only knowledgeable in placenta encapsulation, but also breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum recovery. After all, that is what you're looking for through this service, postpartum support for your recovery. 

The placenta specialist that you get to work with from Virginia is for Doulas will come to your home, clean the kitchen space and get to work, during that time you have access to your specialist to ask questions about breastfeeding, recovery, healing, your baby, newborn care and systems that make life as a new parent, easier! If you've got questions about GBS and more with encapsulation, check out our blog on GBS and Encapsulation or read the 2018 study of placenta encapsulation safety.

What do our clients say about Placenta Encapsulation?

"Danielle Bosley I recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone I know now. Well, every pregnant woman :) I am prone to depression and anxiety, and the baby blues hit me hard after birth (natural birth with Pitocin, and then kidney stones hit 5 days later that required surgery and a lot of meds). Despite all of that taking a toll on me, I started taking my placenta pills and by the next day I was feeling like my normal self again. No more sadness or numbness and my interest in my baby returned. I can't speak highly enough about Tiffany and her help during this time."

"Ashlyn VeneyMy placenta encapsulation was done by Jocelyn. She was very kind and knowledgeable. Tiffany was extremely helpful and quickly answered any questions I had. Such a wonderful team of ladies."

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