Placenta Encapsulation Reviews for Virginia is for Doulas

Many moms are wondering what they can do to prepare for postpartum recovery. Placenta Encapsulation is an option, while not appealing to every new mom, it is a wonderful addition to many of our client's postpartum recovery. We'd love to share some love notes from our past clients about Placenta Encapsulation. We serve Harrisonburg, Winchester, Leesburg and everywhere in-between with placenta encapsulation. Wondering about GBS? Check out our GBS and Placenta Encapsulation blog. "I recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone I know now. Well, every pregnant woman. I am prone to depression and anxiety, and the baby blues hit me hard after birth (natural birth with Pitocin, and then kidney stones hit 5 days later that required surgery and a lot of meds). Despite all of that taking a toll on me, I started taking my placenta pills and by the next day I was feeling like my normal self again. No more sadness or numbness and my interest in my baby returned. I can't speak highly enough about Tiffany and her help during this time." Danielle B.

"My placenta encapsulation was done by Jocelyn. She was very kind and knowledgeable. Tiffany was extremely helpful and quickly answered any questions I had. Such a wonderful team of ladies." Ashlyn V.

"If you have doubts about placenta encapsulation, ask. I Was hesitant and glad I spoke out cause the benefits are real.

Hiring them as my doulas had been without a doubt one of the smartest decisions I made." Carolina R

"Jocelyn encapsulated my placenta for me after the birth of my daughter and was so knowledgeable about it, during my delivery Tiffany was my doula and I honestly could not have done it without her! Never in my life have I ever had so much emotional support and encouragement. This is a fabulous business with wonderful women and I highly recommend Virginia is for doulas to everybody!"

"I highly recommend Virginia is for Doulas! Jocelyn was my doula and she was the best I could ask for. I also recommend placenta encapsulation, as it did wonders with not only my milk supply, but also for my postpartum healing."  Abigale P