Planning for Postpartum Recover: Placenta Encapsulation

Pregnancy! It is a time of planning, adjustment, excitement, reading, and preparing for the arrival of your baby. Most women spend their pregnancy planning for the birth, preparing the baby's nursery and finding the perfect outfits and toys. You are reading books on parenting styles: Attachment Parenting, Dr. Sear's Principles, Dr. Karp's Principles or maybe looking for a mix of each of them. You are writing and editing your birth plan. You make sure you cover everything. There is something that most women are forgetting to do, plan for their postpartum recovery. It is just as important as planning for your birth and we want to talk about planning for our postpartum recovery. Over the next few weeks we will go over a few important aspects to consider when planning for your postpartum recovery.

Placenta Encapsulation

Not all women want to consider placenta encapsulation because of the "yuck" factor, but I promise taking your placenta pills is just like taking your prenatal vitamin. Placenta encapsulation is the perfect support for you postpartum, because it is made by you. The benefits include:

  • Boosting your energy
  • Supporting your milk supply
  • Increasing iron levels
  • A reduction in postpartum bleeding
  • Boosting your mood
  • Balancing your hormones
  • A reduction in baby blues and severity of postpartum depression

Why encapsulate

Aside from the benefits listed above, you will have the support of your placenta encapsulator, who is also a trained postpartum doula, you will have someone who is fully supportive of you during the placenta processing time, support for your recovery which gets you back to feeling like you sooner.

What to expect

When you hire Virginia is for Doulas for placenta services you can expect a quick response and turn around, professional work and support during those early postpartum days. When you have decided that placenta encapsulation is a perfect addition to your postpartum recovery plan, contact us, we will send you the contract and be sure your spot is reserved on our calendar. You will then receive your placenta kit, which includes a cooler for transport, bags, and instructions for the birth day.

         What sets Virginia is for Doulas apart

Our placenta encapsulation services are not just a pick up and drop off service. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists, also a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, comes to you in those early, transition days. She cleans your sink and counter and begins the process, while we wait she talks with you about breastfeeding - how is it going, what issues can she help you navigate, she talks with you about your recover, your baby's sleeping (or lack thereof) patterns, getting more sleep, talking about placenta encapsulation and it's benefits to you and more. You will be working with an expert in parenting and placentas. Your specialist will leave you feeling wholly supported, with a safe encapsulation process, and answers to all of your questions about recovery, using and storing your pills and what comes next. Meet our Encapsulation Specialist, Tiffany.


*More on Placenta Benefits Here.