Planning for Postpartum Recovery: Nutritious Food

If you missed our first post on Planning for Postpartum, read it here Planning for Postpartum Recovery: Placenta Encapsulation . Continuing with this 3 part series, which may grow by the end of it, on Postpartum planning, this week I want to talk about nutrition postpartum. When you become pregnant whether you are loving, dreading, or have mixed feelings on the news you will probably in some way focus on preparing for the baby. You plan the nursery, you take prenatal vitamins, you hire the best care provider you found and you prepare for birth. You may take a Childbirth Education class or hire a doula, but whatever it is that you do you, invest a lot of energy into preparing for the birth of this baby. You write your birth plan, pack your bags and wait...

Baby is finally here!

You go home and settle in. Maybe things are just as you expected or maybe things are a little busier than you expected. Postpartum is a bug adjustment time and planning for it will make everything so much easier.


American mothers, or American tradition does not have much tradition when it comes to postpartum, especially in the food department. Many cultures have times that are dedicated to recovery and they all include healthy, nutritious food for the mother. In most other countries the food is whole, fresh, traditional (ancient, not processed) and warm. The best time to plan for postpartum food is in pregnancy. The ideal amount of time that you do not have to cook, at all, is 4 weeks. That may seem like a lot, but it is precious time that you cannot get back once it is gone. There are three fantastic ways to plan for postpartum nutrition that should be able to cover all four weeks, which is somewhere around 56 meals for lunch and dinner and 28 breakfasts.

Freezer meals:

  • Pick two days a week during your 2nd and 3rd trimesters to double the recipe you are making and freeze the second meal (40-50 meals).
  • Make double breakfast quiches and freeze the extra for Postpartum breakfast

Meal trains:

  • Friends and family want to help out and hold that adorable baby, great, have them bring a meal when they come to visit (5-10 meals).

Prenatal/Postpartum Doula:

  • Have your Postpartum Doula fill in breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that don't have a pre-made meal ready to use.
  • Hire one of our Doulas to help you prepare 20,40, or 50 freezer meals in one day. She will help you do the shopping, finding recipes that you will like, and help you bag and prepare the meals for the freezer labeled and ready to be eaten postpartum.

This will give you about 4 weeks of no extensive cooking, but weeks worth of real nutritious meals. When we are busy, and new moms are busy, if food isn't pre-made we tend to just grab a snack or skip meals.

Postpartum nutrition is essential for many reasons:

  • You are recovering from labor and birth
  • Your body needs to replenish everything it used to grow a baby
  • Your uterus and placenta site are healing
  • You may be making breastmilk
  • You need your energy to be a mom

By having a plan for postpartum nutrition it makes one less thing to worry about, but you are giving your body the necessary tools to recover well.

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