Planning for Postpartum Recovery: Postpartum Doulas

Our first blog on postpartum planning was about Placenta Encapsulation benefits, read it here. If you missed the second post on the importance of postpartum nutrition and easy ways to plan meals, read it here. Today I want to talk about Postpartum Doula support as an addition to your postpartum planning for optimal recovery. While you cannot fully plan what your baby and recovery will be like, you can plan to have support to help those times be less challenging. Postpartum doula support is an invaluable resource for families in Winchester and Northern Virginia, but not many families know this resource is out there. Virginia is for Doulas wants to change that.

What is a postpartum doula?

The short answer to what is a postpartum doula is that she trained and experienced to support new families in their transition to parenthood, but that is boring and does not tell you much.

A postpartum doula is a resource for your questions and concerns. She provides answers to those little and big questions that you have as a new mother or father. She is there to support your goals, provide resources, information and be sure you are taken care of physically and emotionally. Cooking, newborn care, getting a shower, keeping that dinner appointment you had scheduled with your husbands boss, groceries that you want, snacks by your side and someone to process with. Having the little things taken care of so that you can focus on bonding and recovery improves your postpartum experience.

Why is postpartum doula support important?

  • Greater breastfeeding success
  • Reduced chances of postpartum depression*
  • Increased confidence
  • Being well rested
  • Smoother transitions

These are some of the main reasons postpartum doula care is important. Virginia is for Doulas has trained and experienced doulas to meet you the moment you arrive home from the hospital and help you settle in. Our doulas are the expert in the latest baby things and trends. Our doulas can support you through easy recovery, but more importantly difficult recovery. The more support you have the more tasks you are able to complete while being rested and beginning each day just how you want to. Sometimes it is important just to have someone there to be with you and listen.

What can you expect from Postpartum Doula support?

Virginia is for Doulas offers postpartum doula support to families in Northern Virginia and Winchester during the day and overnight with package options to fit your unique needs. You can expect from us:

  • Excellent care
  • Professional support
  • Compassionate support
  • Nonjudgemental support
  • Planned support
  • Unexpected support

You can expect to feel supported, relaxed, rested, energized and excited about parenthood. Parenting comes with uncertainties and is not always a predictable time, our postpartum doula support can make this special time more predictable and help you know what to expect with your newborn baby. You do not have to go through this transition alone. If you were not planning on having extra support, though we recommend it, we are available within 24 hours, if not sooner, to support you when you call us for a shift.

We recommend families reserve at least 2 day shifts and 3 night shifts, totaling 40 hours of postpartum doula support, to be used during the early weeks and most crucial times of recovery and transition. Your needs may vary and you can always add additional hours as needed. Our commitment to excellence ensures your needs are put first.

Call or email us today to talk about your postpartum recovery, receive an informational packet, and how one of our postpartum doulas can support you in achieving your goals.

Virginia is for Doulas serves families in Winchester and Northern Virginia.