Postpartum Depression Sucks

Postpartum Depression...

Postpartum Depression is such a taboo word, but it shouldn't be. Today I am going to get vulnerable and share my experience with you about postpartum depression. According to the CDC at least 10% of new mothers suffer from Postpartum Depression (PPD). However, that number is higher, because many cases go untreated, it's closer to 30%. And that's just too high!

Postpartum Depression sucks.

Looking back on my early days postpartum, I see all of the signs. At first I was handling it,  I didn't have a difficult baby by any means, it just happened, for me Postpartum Depression just happened. Looking back- I felt detached, uninterested, lonely, insecure, angry for no reason, sad for no reason, and yet I felt guilty for feeling that way. Society tells us that it's ridiculous if we feel that way postpartum, we have a beautiful baby we should just be happy.

That's not how it works and our support of postpartum mothers must change. 

I dealt with untreated postpartum depression for almost two years. Two years of my life struggling and thinking it was normal or I just needed to try harder. Finally, after taking my Postpartum Doula Training through ProDoula- it hit me- I have postpartum depression. With support from my family I was able to speak to my primary care provider and begin a medication treatment as well as begin counseling. 

I struggled with the idea of going on medication. I struggled with the idea of taking medication while I was still breastfeeding my daughter. I struggled with the fact that I couldn't get better on my own. But it is okay to take medications, it is okay to do what you need to do to heal. I owe it to myself to heal. I want to be the best mom I can be and that is going to happen by taking medication, seeing a counselor, exercising, and finding my new normal

I don't feel perfect, but I feel alive again, I feel more like me. 

You can't predict who is going to have postpartum depression. Women who struggle with depression and anxiety before pregnancy have a higher risk of PPD. Your baby can be perfect, you can have a lot of family help, you could have had the perfect delivery, everything you could need and still have PPD. Your case might be sever, it might not, it looks different for each mother  for me, it got worse because it was untreated, and that's not okay.

Society often looks at those factors to determine if a mother is suffering or not. I'm calling their bluff! If you don't feel like you, reach out. Surround yourself with a support system that can recognize early signs. Encapsulate your placenta to help with hormonal balance postpartum, if nothing else the placebo effect is there.

Postpartum Doulas, trained, unbiased experts are the next thing to consider. They come to you, meeting you where you are at and offer support and answers in the hardest and easiest times.

Postpartum depression sucks, don't let it rule your life. You deserve to feel like you.