Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, Night Nannies and more

When looking for expert care for your newborn, what do you choose?

Are you planning for the arrival of your first baby soon and hoping for support to help your family transition smoothly? If your little one(s) have already arrived, not to worry you can keep reading too! 

Coming home with a little one is full of feelings of excitement, joy, maybe some concern, most likely lots of questions and the desire to make those early days and nights easier! This whole parenting thing can be tough, but is so much easier with an extra set of hands by your side through the days and nights.

Yes, we said support by your side during the days and nights!

Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, Night Nannies and more... what's best?

Professional, expert support for your family as you bring home your baby, or multiples, will make a world of difference for you and your partner! You can rest easy knowing that when you have questions about transitions, systems to make life easier, questions about newborn care/sleep/issues, you will have answers and support for your family in real time! 

Postpartum Doulas are trained and experienced in what is NORMAL not only for your newborn but also for you as a transitioning family. Helping you recover and thrive not only physically, but also emotionally! Postpartum Doulas are the frontline defense against postpartum depression. Having a team with you during the first few weeks and months postpartum, will help you navigate issues that come up and ensure that you have support quickly. Postpartum Doulas focus on newborn care, but also the entire family's transition.

Newborn Care Specialists are trained extensively in helping families come home smoothly, all areas of newborn care, newborn items and products, caring for premature infants and multiples, infant sleep, navigating issues that come up, breastfeeding care, and postpartum emotional support.


Night nannies focus on infant care, typically only overnight, but sometimes during the day as well! They are fabulous care givers for your baby but do not have extensive training in the family's transition, postpartum mood disorders and breastfeeding support. 

If you are looking for family support, learning, with support, how to care for your newborn and adjust to life as parents, breastfeeding support overnight and daytime care, than a Postpartum Doula and or Newborn Care Specialist is a great fit for you! 

How do you know when to set up support? How do you know how much support to choose?

Setting up support during your pregnancy is easiest because you can breath a sigh of relief knowing that the team you want is yours for when your baby arrives! You also do not have to worry about calling in the middle of the day when things are hectic and you are needing support immediately. Booking early ensures that everything is set up and ready to go when your baby arrives and  you can have support as you arrive home to make the transition less hectic and calmer. 

Choosing the amount of hours is typically determined after chatting with us about what your needs are and how you want your postpartum recovery to go! Most families want a mix of daytime and overnight support for the first few weeks witch ends up being 50-100 hours initially.

What about family?

We get this question often! We love working along side family or letting family have a beak and just be family. If you have family planning to come in, no problem. We typically trade off with family or come for the first few weeks, then family comes and then we come when the family leaves again and sometimes we are there at the same time. Typically, family cannot sit with you and navigate breastfeeding or newborn issues or answer your questions about newborn care and having family there to just be family, while also having expert support to help you navigate the other things that arise during your transition!

Setting yourself up for postpartum and parenting success is easy, you deserve it!

If you are wanting to know more about postpartum family and newborn care, reach out to us.