Postpartum Planning in Pregnancy

Postpartum Planning is so very important

Spending your entire pregnancy focusing on the delivery?

Lets talk about Postpartum Planning and the importance of it. As a whole the majority of pre-conception and pregnancy is focused on the actual arrival of your little one. Who will do your prenatal care? Who will be at the delivery? What will we name the baby? Epidural, no epidural? Midwife or OB? Ultrasounds for the baby every week or none at all? Nursery, inviting family, baby names, baby clothes, when to go to the hospital, doula no doula and so on. Preparation for baby and delivery are fabulous, but there is not enough time spent on preparing for postpartum from the parent's perspective.

What does Postpartum Planning look like?

Postpartum planning involves focusing on parents, the mother's recovery, and adjusting as a new family. The birth is important, but you can give birth without a doula, yes, we said it. Your baby will come out healthy and happy without a doula. Does having a doula help you feel more in control and understanding of the entire delivery process? Does having a doula help you feel secure and involved and at ease because your partner is supported and understands the process? Yes, a doula adds to your birth experience, but what really matters is your postpartum doula and your postpartum plan.

The hard part is not getting the baby out...

Making sure that you have healthy meal options planned out or prepared, especially if you plan to breastfeed, your caloric demand will be substantial.

Understanding what is normal for postpartum bleeding and postpartum soreness. Is breast tenderness normal and if so, how much? How will my stitches heal from my tear and what will help my bottom heal? What are the signs of postpartum depression? Most families do not recognize the signs of postpartum depression right away, being in the storm makes it hard to see how big it is when it's happening. The CDC talks about how having professional support can be a front line defense against postpartum depression.  What are Padsicles and how will they make your postpartum recovery better than ever?

What areas to plan postpartum?

Planning for your postpartum recovery is best done while you are still pregnant. It allows you to see things clearly and plan while things are still easy and while you're still getting sleep. The adjustment of bringing home a new baby can be hard, but there is always professional support ready to help ease the burden with either a postpartum planning session or day/night time support after baby arrives!