Pregnancy Tips: How to Resolve Constipation in Pregnancy

Dealing with constipation and pregnancy?

There is nothing more uncomfortable than constipation, especially constipation in pregnancy. The last thing you want to add to the pregnancy morning sickness is not being able to have a bowel movement when you need to. Let's talk about tips to alleviate constipation in pregnancy to help you feel comfortable during the remainder of your pregnancy.

Could it be your iron?

Your Iron levels in pregnancy are important, and often times hard to keep up, so naturally, most pregnant women take an iron pill or their prenatal vitamin has extra iron in it. Steer away from the synthetics. Synthetic iron, because of it process during creation, tends to cause constipation. Synthetic iron can constipate you while you are not pregnant, but the symptoms seem to be worse while pregnant. While pregnant the body slows down digestion for optimal nutrient absorption, which is needed while you grow a human or two.

A way to solve this problem that may be causing constipation in your pregnancy is to look for a prenatal vitamin that contains a whole foods based vitamin.  A natural food based vitamin is absorbable by the body and not from synthetic sources, which makes it easier for the body to digest, which aids in reducing constipation. A whole foods based prenatal vitamin is similar to a smoothie filled with vegetables all blended up, but it's much easier to swallow.

Sometimes constipation is just a pregnancy thing

The body goes through many changes in pregnancy and they can be fun to watch and frustrating to watch. As we mentioned earlier, during pregnancy, the digestive system slows down to allow the body to absorb absolutely everything it can. This is important because it allows the body to retrieve as many nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food as possible. Growing a human is a lot of work and requires additional protein and nutrients.

How to relieve constipation in pregnancy

It may seem like a simple task to relive constipation and eat healthy during pregnancy, but it isn't always so. Nausea, back pain, sleeping issues, discomfort, digestion issues all play a role in making eating often and well difficult. Try eating more fiber in your diet, minimal high carb and sugar foods, probiotics, whole foods based diet, and plenty of water to ease constipation and aid with digestion in pregnancy.