Pregnant, Minus the Glow...

Pregnancy doesn't always come with a glow and that's okay

Okay so you're pregnant! You're excited about having a baby, but not about pregnancy itself. Most of our blogs are pretty informative, today's blog is simply about validation and support.

Some women go through pregnancy like it's the easiest thing they've ever done and it's really fabulous for them.

Sometimes pregnancy gives you vomiting, sickness, nausea, sweating, back pain, lack of sleep, complications in the pregnancy or with baby. If you've ever been told " well at least your baby..." " Some women are not ever able to have babies... " " You should just be happy..." let all of that negativity go. Im here to tell you that it is okay to love your baby and look forward to having your baby in your arms, but not loving the process of getting there.

Here are some tips for when you're not enjoying pregnancy or it is difficult

Back pain? Hip pain? Try a chiropractor to help you through the different trimesters of pregnancy.

Overall sickness?  Maybe chat with your provider about HG if it is sever and unwavering.

Movement of baby uncomfortable? Sometimes the uterus gets sore, it's a muscle, from all of the movement. Magnesium can help with muscles, check out NaturalCalm and talk to your provider about it to ensure it's okay to take.

Cant sleep at all? That whole " preparing you for newborn life", you need your sleep. Try a massage, chiropractor adjustments to ensure your comfortable and aligned, try magnesium as well.

We can wait years for babies to come and be overjoyed that they are coming, but you can still not be enjoying pregnancy, and that is okay. We all experience pregnancy differently, just as we are all different and unique. If you're needing support or an ear to listen, reach out to us.