Professional Placenta Encapsulation for Harrisonburg Families

Harrisonburg Placenta Encapsulation information

Searching for a placenta encapsulator in the Shenandoah Valley- specifically the Harrisonburg/Staunton/Waynesboro area? Look no further, Virginia is for Doulas can meet all of your postpartum recovery needs. Placenta Encapsulation, while it seems new, has been a source for healing for many years and the placenta has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for health.

When you add placenta encapsulation to your postpartum recovery, what are the benefits that women often see?

  • An increase in milk supply
  • An increase in daily energy
  • An increase in iron levels
  • An overall feeling of ease
  • A reduction in postpartum bleeding time
  • Hormonal balance which helps with mood swings and baby blues

Choosing placenta encapsulation for postpartum recovery can be of great value to you, if nothing else the peace of mind will help your recovery.

What is different about Virginia is for Doulas?

Each Placenta Specialist at Virginia is for Doulas is also a postpartum doula. Having a placenta encapsulator that is also a trained and experienced postpartum doula brings even more value to your postpartum recovery. Not only is she encapsulating your placenta, but she is a professional and experienced resource for you in those early weeks of recovery. She is proudly a resource, support, guidance and a source of security and nonjudgmental answers to your postpartum transition. What is not to love about placenta encapsulation?

What is the research behind placenta encapsulation?

While the FDA has not approved Placenta Encapsulation, the anecdotal benefits are undeniable. Women who encapsulate have been experiencing the benefits of this perfect addition to postpartum recovery for decades. Find more information here.

When you hire Virginia is for Doulas you will receive your placenta transport kit to take with you to the hospital, birth center or have at your home birth. You will also receive instructions on when to contact your encapsulator, how to set everything up and what to do next. Our current Placenta Specialist is Tiffany Shank, at the end of March we will be adding a local Harrisonburg Placenta Specialist- Heather Shank.

Contact us to day to reserve your space for encapsulation and share with us your questions.