Professional Placenta Encapsulation for Leesburg Families

Looking for a Leesburg Placenta Encapsulator?

As you plan and prepare for your postpartum recovery, will you be adding Placenta Encapsulation to your plan? As you search for answers, support and a placenta encapsulator give Virginia is for Doulas a call and we will walk you through everything. Once you decide to work with us, we will send you your placenta transport kit, instructions and support from your postpartum specialist during your postpartum recovery.

How might placenta encapsulation benefit your recovery?

  • Boost in mood
  • Boost in energy
  • Increasing your iron
  • Increasing milk production
  • Balancing your hormones which may help reduce baby blues
  • Decreasing your postpartum bleeding time
  • Overall sense of ease

Placenta encapsulation has many anecdotal benefits that women experience and rave about. Sometimes the results are not as big as expected, but the placenta pills come in handy when your cycle is returning and later on in the first year of your postpartum recovery when you need a boost. Placenta Encapsulation is a great way to take charge of your postpartum recovery.

Common questions we get:

  • Can I encapsulate my placenta if I have a cesarean? Read our blog on Encapsulation after a cesarean birth.
  • What if they want to send my placenta to pathology? Ask that they send a small portion and keep the rest for you to encapsulate.
  • When can I not encapsulate? If there is confirmed infection such as Chorioamnionitis
  • How will I know how to take my placenta pills? Your encapsulator will walk you through all of this as well as leave you with written instructions
  • How long will the process take? Our turn around is 2-4 days depending on time of birth and a few other factors like encapsulation location etc.

Placenta Encapsulation is not approved by the FDA. While placenta encapsulation has been very helpful for many women, it is not proven to prevent postpartum depression, it may help lessen the severity of hormonal imbalance.