Professional Placenta Encapsulation for Winchester Families

You chose the best provider and you want the best for your birth and baby, so why not choose the best for your postpartum recovery?

As you write your birth plan and ensure that everything is all ready to go for your baby, do not forget about postpartum planning. It is important that you, as a mother and care giver of your new baby, are taken care of not just physically, but emotionally after birth. Many women find adding placenta encapsulation to be one of the best additions to their postpartum recovery that they will never go without again.

One of our clients said of her choice to encapsulate her placenta:

"If you're debating placenta encapsulation, I definitely recommend it. My baby girl is 5 months old and I'm so glad I still have some left. It's spring break, so my pumping/nursing schedule is all messed up. I took a placenta pill today and I have plenty to breastfeed and had to pump more on top of it! I didn't even notice how my anxiety was increasing until my poor husband said I seem like I'm feeling more like myself today. I am so glad I decided to get it done at the last minute!" ~Nicole S.

Placenta encapsulation is helpful not just immediately after birth, but months down the road when you need a balance in your hormones and a feeling of ease. The anecdotal benefits of placenta encapsulation are different for each mother, some experience them all, some experience some of the benefits.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation:

  • Reduction in anxiety, overall feeling of ease
  • Increase in milk supply
  • Increase in energy
  • Increase in iron
  • Decrease in baby blues

Every postpartum mom needs iron, more energy, and balanced hormones. Feeling out of sorts is not how you want to be when you are snuggling your new baby.

What to expect when you hire Virginia is for Doulas

After contract signing, we will provide you with a transport kit. This ensures safe, convenient packaging of the placenta and a cooler to keep everything in till the encapsulator picks it up or your partner/family member takes it home for in home encapsulation.

Are you ready to add Placenta Encapsulation to your postpartum recovery plan? See our Placenta Encapsulation page.