Recovering From A Cesarean Birth

Recovering from a caesarean birth is much different than recovering from a vaginal birth. Our postpartum clients often ask about what to expect and how they can prepare for optimal recovery. The best time to prepare for postpartum, is in pregnancy, however, not all cesarean births are planned. If you have a cesarean, regardless of whether or not it is planned, here are some tips to help you along with your recovery.

Ways to improve your recovery from a cesarean:

  • Give yourself *time*
  • Accept help so that you can fully recovery. Cesareans are major surgery and you are allowed to take a rest
  • Set up a meal train. Food is important and vital to your recovery. Cooking after a cesarean is a big strain on your body.
  • Walk (when you are cleared for it) when you can to keep your circulation and muscles happy
  • Hydrate often to help your body recover.
  • Be sure the scar is not infected, red or puffy. If you are seeing something on your incision that is concerning, call your provider.
  • Wash your incision with warm water, try to avoid scrubbing and using soap on the incision in the first few weeks.
  • If you had staples, you may have a check up around 2 weeks to remove them
  • At your 6 week check up your provider will check your incision and be sure it is doing well to clear you for working/driving/exercise/intimacy.
  • Consider one or two or more postpartum shifts with our Postpartum Doulas in those first weeks home to allow you to rest, recover and bond.
  • When you are ready, consider massaging your cesarean scar to release adhesions and help it feel better

Recovery for a cesarean is sometimes easy and sometimes not. Allow yourself time to recover and learn to adjust how you need to.