Self Care Gone Local

Self care is such an important part of your postpartum recovery and well being as a parent.

We spend most of our time caring for our littles and tend to forget about taking some time for ourselves. Self care can be as simple as a cup of coffee or as extravagant as a day at the spa. The main objective is taking time to recover our mind and body while splurging on experiences that make us feel better.

Moms you work hard, you deserve a little decadence.

Clear Your Mind With Some Yoga

Yoga isn't just an awesome workout for your body, it's great for your mental and emotional health too. It can be intimidating to start up a yoga routine, but Shine Yoga in Winchester has a time slot and workshop for everyone. Whether you're using yoga for perking up or calming down, there's a class schedule that works for you. Start your day with a session to greet the day or wind down to some candlelight yoga.

Refresh Your Style

A trip to the salon for a cut, color or blowout is always overdue. Pop into Heaven: The Salon Experience in Winchester for a day of glam. With any salon, you get what you pay for so why not splurge a little bit on a dramatic cut or color. Heaven has an incredible color portfolio from platinum to pastel and beyond. They even do nails! So ditch the messy bun and book yourself a full day of salon services to get you feeling primped and pampered.

Lunch With the Ladies

When was the last time you met up with your girlfriends and there were no kids or babies involved? Sometimes it's good to get out and socialize over some lunch with friends to banish some stress. The Coach and Horses Tea Room is a fancy way to break the lunch time monotony. Get dressed up with the girls and sample different teas and some small plates from their tasting menu in this historic home. 

Start Your Day With a Coffee Shop Visit

There's no shame in the Keurig game, but sometimes you need a giant frothy latte to put some extra pep in your step. Splurge for something sweet and an artfully crafted cup to start your day. A local coffee shop like Hopscotch Coffee and Records can also be a soothing backdrop for you to spend an afternoon unwinding with a book or catching up with friends. Don't underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee...or a buttery croissant stuffed with chocolate. Yum, we'll take both.

Self care can be anything that makes you shine a little brighter.

It's important to spoil yourself from time to time. Self care is important to work into your daily routine to help kick stress to the curb and feel a little more confident.