Set Up for Success

Happy April! This month I want to take some time to talk about the big postpartum transition. You are bringing home a baby (or two or three) and your life will be completely different. Through these big changes, your constant can be our support. 

While getting the dishes and laundry done is important, there is more to postpartum doula support.

Without a doubt, you can take a deep breath knowing that shelf will get organized, you can talk about your recovery - good or bad. You can ask questions about your baby, your healing perineum or incision, you can ask your doula to make you a peanut butter and fluff sandwich and know that it will get done without judgement or unwanted feedback.

"Do you mind grabbing my laundry while you're at it, but more importantly can you get me a drink?" That is a real look into a day shift with your postpartum doula. American culture sadly does not put an emphasis on mothers and fathers resting after the arrival of a new little one. The pressure to return to the old normal is always constant. Postpartum Doulas are changing that. We are bringing the focus back to the mother resting, recovering, enjoying, processing, and adjusting to life as a mother. We are bringing the focus back to the father coming home to a clean house and being able to sit down with his partner and baby and just be. No worries about dishes, laundry, or making dinner, that is all done by your postpartum doula.

As you think and prepare for the arrival of your new addition(s) imagine...

a full nights rest

not worrying about the dishes or the older sibling feeling left out

not worrying about the sheets being changed

not worrying about eating enough

not worrying about getting a shower for the first time in a week

not worrying about dinner being ready when dad arrives home

... your postpartum doula is there to help you at night with your newborn baby and during the day. She helps you settle in, relax, and recover optimally. While a postpartum doula is often confused with a night nurse or baby nurse, she is a little different. She does focus on the baby, but she also focuses on the home and you as you are recovering. You won't be stuck doing the dishes while the postpartum doula feeds the baby.

Taking care of you allows you to take care of your baby.