Sleep Coach for Winchester, Va Families

Sleep Coaching, Sleep Training, and Sleep for Winchester, VA Families

We have all reached that point in parenting where we have asked, " when should my baby be sleeping better?" and your pediatrician might respond, well, now, they should be sleeping better now. You sink a little in disappointment, your baby is now 5 months old and they are still waking up every 1- 2 hours or not going down as expected.

We think that is normal, because so many babies do it, but if it is not working for you and your family, there are solutions! Sleep training comes in many shapes and forms, most families just assume sleep training automatically means “ cry it out” or whatever method they are familiar with. Really though, sleep training can be done in many different ways, you can pick something that aligns with your family values and goals.

Sleep training is a hot topic word in the world of parenting

Why is that you might wonder? Because much like any hot button topic, everyone has their thoughts, feelings and options. What I can tell you as a baby whisperer/ baby magician is that every single family will need something different to throve through parenting. Every family will find their own way and that is okay. Some families bed share with their kids for 4 years, some never bed share, some put their kids on a schedule from day one and some dont put them on a schedule until they have to.

What you choose to do as a parent will reflect what works best for you. Each baby is unique and that is our philosophy.

When you finally hit that point where you WANT your baby to be sleeping better, what comes next?

How do I get my baby to sleep better?

One answer to that question is to sleep train your baby. What is sleep training? Sleep training is setting up boundaries and giving your baby space to learn to sleep, sleep well, connect their sleep cycles, AND love their sleeping space!

It creates predictability, consistency not only for you, but for your baby. They need that as much as you do. Once your baby is old enough to sleep train once you have reached success, you will both love your consistency and sleep.

Enough sleep is essential for development for your baby, reaching milestones and truly being a happy baby. Enough sleep is essential for the mental and physical health (including hormone health) of women as well!

Sleep training will begin with you, basically deciding that tomorrow night, we will start sleep training. It can be hard as a parent to decide on a method, a plan, and then implement it. If you reach a point where you do NOT want to have to figure that out, you have the option to hire a sleep coach.

What does a sleep coach do??

A sleep coach is not to be confused with a sleep consultant. There are not many sleep coaches in the US and luckily for you, we have one on our team! Coaches come to you, meet your baby, spend time learning about what is going on and what you want everything to look like! Your coach will then spend 2-3 full days with you and when she leaves, your baby will be sleep trained and you will be happy to have consistency and predictability.

Sleep training isn’t always easy, but with someone by your side, every step of the way, it is worlds easier!

If you decide that you reach a point where you would like to have a sleep coach come to your home, reach out to our Sleep Coach!