Sleep hacks for the fourth month sleep regression

Sleep hacks for the fourth month sleep regression


Sleep, or the lack there of, let’s talks about that!

 So, your baby was a great sleeper and then all of the sudden, they started waking up constantly, you tried feeding them, rocking them, and before you know it a month or two has gone by and there are still constant wake ups.

 The classic “ four month sleep regression”

 So common, so frustrating, but as a sleep coach wanted to share some tips to help you all avoid this regression and make this hurdle a little easier on you and your family.

What is the four month sleep regression?

Well, more than anything it is a whole lot going on with your baby.

They are growing, they are reaching new milestones, they are more aware of the world around them AND THEY DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT.

All of these changes throw them off just a little and then they easily get stuck in the pattern of waking constantly, having trouble settling into their crib and they often need some help getting back on track.

 What to do about the four month sleep regression?

Some families just don’t mind the lack of sleep. They do not have to go to work every morning or have strenuous things they are doing that would be difficult while being constantly tired. Some families really cannot handle constant night wakings and see the toll it is taking on their little one and they want to make changes.

You have a few options when you are trying to get more sleep with your infant. You can let it go and stick it out, usually for a few months or until 12 months, but sometimes more. It’s true- some babies need to be taught to sleep better, just like some babies need to be taught how to latch better.

If you want to make changes to this sleep regression that seems to be getting worse by the night, let’s talk about how to help your baby get more sleep. 

When your baby starts to wake constantly due to changes, respond to them, once they have passed that milestone, tooth, or sickness, get back to the routine! Or implement a routine for better sleep if you didn’t have one prior to this sleep regression.

Babies like boundaries and they like predictability in knowing what to expect when it is daytime, night time and so on.

Get them to bed earlier, start that nighttime routine before their bedtime, put them in their space for bed and then let them sleep. Let them get acclimated to their sleeping space during nap times. Most importantly when it is tough, that’s okay, they will get better at sleeping and before you know it they will be back to their old sleeping habits before you know it.

Sometimes getting your baby to sleep is hard, and that’s okay, you’re not alone in that and if you would like personalized help with overnight care or sleep support, you have resources available to you!