Sleep-training Isn't Evil

Sleep-training stirs up a lot of emotion in the mommy world.

I'm sure you've heard of the LA mother who hired a Sleep Coach to work on sleep-training her three-month old baby while she and her husband went on a weekend get away. Mothers are either praising her or shaming her for her decision to leave her baby while she enjoyed mimosas with her husband for a weekend. The problem with this judgement is that the misconceptions surrounding sleep-training are way off.

We have to stop judging mothers for sleep-training their children.

In the world of a newly postpartum family, both parents loose sleep, babies cry, parents cry and even if things are good, they are tough. Your whole entire world has been changed by a 7 pound baby that doesn't know night time from day time. Until babies develop enough melatonin and internal rhythms, they will have their nights and days mixed up and need to eat constantly.

Three months brings on the magic, aka better sleep cycles.

Around three months babies begin to sleep for longer stretches and now is a good time to consider sleep-training as an option if your pediatrician gives you the go ahead. Baby's nervous systems are developed enough to work on their self-soothing abilities, longer stretches of sleep, and more time between feeds. Baby Sleep Consultants can be hired to help you find a method and system that will work for your baby and getting them to sleep through the night.

What is the point of sleep-training?

Sleep-training is like having a sports coach. Yes, you know how to play Volleyball, but having a coach will help you develop your skills faster and with ease, this is the concept of hiring a sleep consultant. When your baby reaches the proper age and exhibits signs of being ready for better sleep, having an expert come in and help you and your baby actually get better sleep will make it happen faster. As parents it is hard to do all the things while you are also tired, when everyone is tired things do not go as well, especially sleep-training.

Is it worth hiring a sleep consultant?

In short, yes, because it's easier to do when someone experienced is walking you through it and making sure things are done right. Sleep-training helps your baby learn to fall asleep and then stay asleep based on their developmental stage. A sleep consultant can answer all of your questions and help you navigate things as they come up. It's always worth it to have a specialist at your fingertips!

Isn't sleep-training the cry-it-out method?

Here is where the controversy surrounding sleep-training comes in... Some where along the way sleep-training and the cry-it-out method became one and the same, they are not. While the CIO method is a form of sleep training there are also no tear methods of sleep training. Every baby needs a different method and may need something different for them to learn to sleep well, this is why a sleep consultant is golden. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports infant sleep-training which is why we recommend getting the go ahead from your pediatrician before trying sleep-training.

Where to go from here?

Check out our local sleep consultant, Family Bliss and we love to send our Postpartum Doula clients her way to set up a plan that we then help parents implement. Devon will answer all of your questions and her work truly is magic! To implement a postpartum plan contact our office to talk about available overnight packages.