Staying True To You During Postpartum

Having a baby is emotionally and physically stressful on your body but also an exciting experience!

Your body needs some serious recovery and taking the opportunity to do a little self care is an important step in the healing process.

Self care can be simple tasks you do each day that refocuses or refreshes your mind and body.

Having the support of a postpartum doula allows new mothers to dedicate time for themselves and keep life on track when their new baby arrives.

Taking the time each day to spruce yourself up is important.

When you feel sick or uncomfortable, the last thing you'll feel like doing is styling your hair or putting on a full face of makeup, but sprucing up your appearance will give you a surprising boost of energy. Taking the time each day to shower, style your hair and get dressed is a small way to take a back seat to the demands of newborn care and focus on your well being. Your postpartum doula knows how important it is to feel confident each day and they will help give you the time you need to fix yourself up so you can tackle the day feeling fresh, awake and confident. Confidence is key and if you feel good your mood will completely sparkle, making the stress of new parenting easier on your relationships with family, friends and your partner.

Take the opportunity to relax.

You're excited to be a new parent and taking a break from newborn care to relax and unwind after a long day might seem like the furthest thing from your mind. Giving yourself a chance to relax after a long day will speed up your postpartum recovery time and banish stress. It's easy to not feel like yourself after a long day of baby care, making the half hour each day of mental and emotional recovery an important part of the process. Your postpartum doula is there to help. She is there to make sure you're resting, napping, and taking the chance to do things you enjoy like read your favorite book, watch your show or take a walk around the block. Everyone relaxes differently and your self care routine should feel natural and tailored to what best suits your needs.

Self care for your emotional health.

Postpartum depression affects nearly 15% of new mothers in the United States each year. Emotional health and wellness should be at the forefront of postpartum recovery to help mothers avoid feelings of anxiety, hopelessness or even serious postpartum depression. Dedicating time to each day to collect your thoughts, discuss how you're feeling, meditate and affirm will create some more harmony as you manage your busy schedule and life with a new baby. Your doula is there to nurture and support your whole family, providing the affirmation and reassurance you need to feel confident in your postpartum days and allow new mothers to devote time to emotional wellness each day.

Self care is important, in any capacity whether you're a mother to be or a mother of several.

A healthy and positive postpartum recovery depends on self care. Taking the time to treat yourself and devote parts of your day to reconnecting and rejuvenating allows mothers to manage stress and create good balance in a household with a new baby.

There are plenty of uncertainties to navigate once your new baby arrives, and it's important that your health and well being is given the attention it deserves.

Work self care into your daily routine so you can make a complete recovery beginning this exciting new chapter feeling like yourself again.