Summer Heat, Pregnancy, and Staying Comfortable

We all wish for summer time when it is freezing outside, but when we are pregnant, it can be a bother. The summer heat can increases swelling in your ankles and hands, make dehydration difficult, and can be overall uncomfortable because your body temperature is already up due to pregnancy.

Some ways to stay cool and comfortable while pregnant in this heat:

  • Swimming- Who doesn't like cool pool water when its 80 degrees out? ( this will also help prepare you for labor)
  • Adding fruit to your water- Electrolytes are essential to your body's function and the taste of the fruit makes it easier to drink water continuously throughout the day
  • Smoothie pops- My favorite recipe: 1 can of coconut milk, strawberries (or fruit of choice), 1 TBS chia seeds, Stevia, blend in your blender and freeze in popsicle molds. Heathy and delicious way to keep cool in the summer. You can even add some protein powder if you want to keep your protein intake up.

Don't forget your sunscreen and to enjoy the sunshine while you can, but not too much. If you are absolutely miserable, do not hesitate to stay inside and prop your feet up, we won't judge you!