Support for Adoptive Parents

Becoming a parent is one of the wildest and most rewarding experiences of your life.

Regardless of how you've gotten to where you are now, it's time to navigate all the uncertainties of parenthood and learn everything you need to know to care for your new baby. 

If you're adopting, there's challenges you face every day during this transition and it can be difficult to find the physical and emotional support you need as an adoptive parent.

Adopting is an amazing opportunity, and a really intimidating one.

When you become a parent for the first time, your new baby doesn't come with an instruction manual. Adoptive parents have a lot to gain from postpartum doula support, that offers valuable guidance and a helping hand with their newborn care routines. Your doula is flexible and accommodates any family's schedule to facilitate those overwhelming first few weeks of parenthood. 

Newborn Care

You can be sure that your baby is getting the care they need and you're receiving the guidance and education you need to develop your parenting style, helping you get a hang of all your new routines. Overnight care is helpful for new parents who are nervous about getting through those sleepless nights with a new baby. You'll have a baby expert by your side to help you establish feeding routines and sleep schedules that reflect how you choose to parent. A doula can also help adoptive parents bond effectively with their newborn and learn comforting strategies.

Emotional Support

Aside from the obvious help an extra set of hands can provide when you bring home your new baby, a doula is an incredible source of emotional support for adoptive parents. Parents adopting a new baby or toddler have trouble assimilating into a parenting role, feelings of inadequacy and unsolicited advice from family, friends or the community about their choice to adopt. Whatever the circumstances, adoption is an emotional process that has tons of ups and downs. Parents should receive the same support as any other family welcoming a new baby, with the compassion and bias free care that a postpartum doula provides. Some adoptive mothers can even develop symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety when they don't receive the opportunity to nurture their emotional health and receive the support they need.

The parenting world looks different for everyone and your doula is simply a guide that you can turn to for advice or guidance when you need it most.

If you're planning on adopting your first child, our team can provide you with the resources you need to prepare. Similar to a birth plan, your doula can help you outline supplies you need, organize your medical care resources and providers, help you map out your first appointments and other tools to give adoptive parents the boost of confidence they need to feel prepared. 

Your team is here for you, with care plans tailored to fit your family's needs.