Support for After your Baby Arrives

What are your support options after baby arrives?

leesburg postpartum newborn care

Resting after your baby arrives might seem impossible, but experts such as Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas or Newborn Care Specialists can help you achieve all of your goals. Yes, all of them! 

Keeping the house organized, pumping, breastfeeding, getting sleep, and being emotionally healthy after your baby arrives are of the utmost importance to you, and us. Working with our newborn experts allows you and your entire family to welcome your baby with confidence and peace of mind. 

What does postpartum & newborn care look like?

Postpartum and newborn care from our team allows you to meet your most important goals, every day. Care can look different for every family, but it always encompases the same values, support, systems, reliable education and answers to your questions. It allows you and your partner to catch your breath while you know your baby is in expert hands. It allows you to get some things done that you’ve been wanting to do, but also know that you have Support right there for you. It provides support while you navigate breastfeeding your newborn,  it provides support during the day because your nights are sleepless or night time support so you can get more sleep.

Care looks like your Postpartum & Newborn Care doula arriving either sometime during the day or in the evening, checking in with you and touching base about your goals for this shift. Often times day support focuses on emotional support, tasks that need completed, breastfeeding and pumping or feeding help, and setting up systems to make your days better. Overnight newborn care looks similar, but the goal is for you to get more sleep. So whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping or a mix of all the above, your overnight doula will help you with either and then continue to help baby settle or keep them happy during the night while you sleep through or between feeds. 

What about my family? 

We love family and friends! They can be such a help, Postpartum Doulas are an addition to the support team and everyone has a different role. Postpartum Doulas are professionals with up to date knowledge and experience in everything from breastfeeding, newborn care, family adjustment and systems, your emotional adjustment, your physical recovery from birth and so much more. Family loves to be family, and when we are there at the same time as family or staggered around family, it allows them to be just that - family. Snuggling and getting to know your new baby and family member and creating memories with you. Having additional postpartum support allows you to rest easy knowing that all of the little things are taken care of and you and your family can continue to get acquainted with your new addition. 

Postpartum & Newborn Care Support in a nutshell 

Postpartum Support can be for one day, once a week, several times a week for months, or something in-between, your needs can be determined with you and your postpartum doula team! There is no one way for it to be. Once your baby arrives, you can begin scheduling immediately or after your family leaves or a week or so after your little one has arrived, those details are unique to each family. If you have more questions, reach out to us! We serve families in Leesburg, Ashburn, all of Northern Virginia, Warrenton, Front Royal, Winchester and Strasburg.