Support for My High Risk Pregnancy

Where do you turn when things do not go as planned

Most often when you see those two pink lines there is excitement and joy and maybe some questions about the unknowns. What you do not expect is to be in a high-risk pregnancy at any point or to hear the words uttered by your care provider that you need to see the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFM). You'll continue your prenatal appointments but not in the mix you will also see the recommended MFM to continue your care and help ensure you and your baby are healthy.

What does a high risk pregnancy mean?

We often have preconceived ideas of what " high risk pregnancy" means, such as multiples, pre eclampsia, HELLP  Syndrome, but often times it can mean different things like, IUGR concerning the baby, Cholestasis, an incompetent cervix that is dilating too early and could threaten the pregnancy and more.  In a nutshell, high risk means that additional care, focus and maybe even additional providers are needed to look out for baby as it grows and monitor mom as she carries the baby in pregnancy.

Additional monitoring or providers mean that you are in good hands and your care team is on the look out for things that may require additional attention or care.

Why do they monitor? 

While additional monitoring might be a nuisance, but the goal is to keep mom and baby or babies happy and healthy and know as soon as possible if action should be taken for early delivery either by induction or cesarean. Though the extra appointments might be hard on you and your family, getting to see your baby more often might be helpful for you.

Support for these  moments

You and your partner might feel overwhelmed, scared, apprehensive or have a million questions you want to ask your providers when you see them or when you're at home. Your provider and nursing staff is a great resource, family can also be a wonderful help in these times if you are on bed rest or need additional help. Doulas, who are Certified Birth Doulas & Certified Postpartum Doulas, can be an amazing, professional addition to your team. These doulas will come to you while you are on bed rest, help you adjust emotionally and stay physically comfortable. They are there to help your family as well! Your Doula is just a text or phone call away when you have a little moment that needs validation, reassurance, resources or support through. Your Doula can help you and your partner adjust from the transition of " high-risk pregnancy" to " it's time to have a baby - what the heck comes next" to " our baby is here how do we adjust and put new systems into place".

There are also groups and resources for high risk pregnancy families or families with babies in the NICU, your Doula can direct you to one in your area.