Supporting You During Those Real, Raw Moments Postpartum

Support for postpartum recovery

Some times we know what to expect as a new postpartum mother, sometimes though, we have no idea. The real, raw moments of postpartum adjustment and recovery are hard, powerful, challenging, and always unique to you.

Virginia is for Doulas provides top notch postpartum doula support to new families in the Winchester, Harrisonburg, and Norhern Virginia areas, our most common question is this: since I have family around, do I really need postpartum doula support?


When family travels in or comes from down the road, they often want to spend time with the new baby and talking about those fun things. They mean well, but a day of visitors can be exhausting. No matter how hard you try, you end up entertaining and baby misses naps, which throws the whole schedule off

Perhaps you're sitting there on the couch, trying to smile and not cry about your cracked nipples. When family and friends ask how are you doing? You simply reply, " tired, but doing well. I'm so in love with baby. " You just cannot get into the raw moments of how you really are feeling. You can't say " well, I'm bleeding still, my nipples hurt, breastfeeding is hard, I'm not sleeping well, I don't feel bonded with my baby, I'm frustrated and this isn't what I expected. " The response you need from how you are feeling postpartum is validation and support. Our postpartum doulas do just that. They support you through those raw, challenging moments, so that you can be okay and you can visit with family. They support you and your partner so that they can get sleep as well. They support you while you cry, laugh, feel lonely and when you're over the moon with your baby and experience. They support you fully and non- judgementally. Postpartum doulas provide you with the support you need each day, as it changes and as it stays the same. You don't have to dread their response to your emotions, concerns or frustrations, you simply feel supported.

Recognize that postpartum is a huge adjustment not just for you physically, but emotionally as well. It is okay to feel several different ways about your recovery and newborn, the important thing is that you have the support, validation, and guidance you need to recover optimally.

Love yourself as much as you love your baby, you deserve it.